10 Signs You’re Addicted To Fashion


1. Social Media. You constantly post, repost, and favorite anything and everything to do with fashion and the latest trends. You follow all of the major fashion labels and high-profile fashion designers on a daily basis. You also have a board on Pinterest regarding “My Style” and you can’t stop browsing and pinning fashion related pins.

2. You blog about it. You have a special blog set up which details your “Outfit of the Day” (OFTD). You write about and critique everything that’s newsworthy in the fashion world. You do constant day-to-day research on trends and subjects such as the “New ‘It’ Bag” or “Navy is the New Black.” You even invested a lot of money (or plan to invest) on the latest SLR camera and you’re a pro at taking a full-body selfie. You also know the importance of editing software, such as the ever-so-popular Adobe Photoshop.

3. You’re pursuing a career in fashion. You love fashion so much you’d love to have a career in the industry. Whether as a photographer, model, writer, stylist, or designer, you live and breathe fashion so much so that you’re convinced a career is in order. You’re also willing to work for free, through countless internships, just to get your foot in the door.

4. Shopping. You have a serious problem when it comes to your fashion addiction – you can’t stop buying new things and you barely have any room left in your apartment to house your items. Whether it’s the latest print, metal, or shoe, you have to have it, no matter the credit card consequences. After all, it’s sad when you’re crying on the back of a bus, but you sure as heck look well put-together and on trend.

5. Your friends ask you for advice. You’re that “go-to” person when it comes down to the latest trends and must-haves. You’re always available to offer said advice. You drop everything just to accompany your friends on a shopping trip or to simply go through their closet and offer your personal recommendations. You also invite them over to pick an outfit from your own treasure-chest of a closet. #sharingiscaring

6. Window Shopping. When you’re having a bad day, a little window shopping elevates your mood. Being surrounded by racks of the softest cashmere, the most beautiful silk prints, the creamy leather purses, you drift away into your own personal Heaven.

7. You’re not afraid of a challenge. You enjoy thrifting or discovering new boutiques and designers in your neighborhood. You’re not intimidated by having to sift through hundreds of racks, just to find that one treasure. You’re also prepared to wait in line for hours just to get into a designer Sample Sale. You have a working imagination, and it’s not difficult for you to quickly come up with a flattering and trendy outfit. You’re fearless when it comes to incorporating new shapes and patterns into your wardrobe.

8. You appreciate the classics. You have abundant knowledge when it comes to the history of fashion. You worship Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, and Christian Dior. You know when the wrap dress was invented and by whom, and you also love to read articles and books on fashion pioneers.

9. Magazines. Your home is littered with fashion magazines. You have subscriptions to Elle, Vogue, and even Vanity Fair. You anxiously await the latest releases and sometimes you can spend hours at Chapters sifting through fashion magazines you can’t really afford to buy – just to see what they published. You flip the pages and stare – mesmerized – by the fashion editorials and the new advertising campaigns. Your heart skips a beat when you turn the pages because you’re so excited to see what the fashion world has created.

10. Connections. You have major connections with people involved in the industry. You know where the best seamstress and tailor are located. You’re invited or you try to get invited to all of the biggest and best fashion events in your city. You’re even willing to invest in a trip overseas just to watch a fashion show from your favorite designer. You’re friends with models, photographers, stylists, and fashionable people in general. Your social circle is another method for you to indulge in likeminded discussions on everything to do with fashion. TC Mark

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