10 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love My Coworkers

why i love my coworkers
Alexis Brown

The Top Ten Things I Thank You For:


Letting me vent about my most recent “worst date ever.”


Having me over to watch Bachelor in Paradise because I just moved into a studio and grad school ain’t cheap.


Out trips to Whole Foods for the perfect succulent because we all needed a midday mood booster.


Fostering an environment where I can be vocal in the workplace, encouraging me to push past my social anxiety.


Understanding that mental health is the most critical component of my life and never questioning my last-minute therapy sessions.


Allowing me to be painfully honest with my feelings; I’m not for everybody, and not everybody is for me.


Fostering an environment where if I ever feel remotely underappreciated, having a close network of friends to “talk it out.”


Showing me that there is so much more to life than a nasty client email and proceeding to drink margs with me after work to help me laugh the situation off.


Inspiring me by the quality of your work, willingness to teach and eagerness to learn.


Sharing more than just your snacks with me (although I thank you for that as well), but letting me into your life, and letting me a part of yours.

While sometimes, I may search for love in the wrong places, I know I have a true love in you all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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