When I Say I Love You, This Is What I Mean

Naomi Young
Naomi Young

There are instances where I used the word “love” to too many people, even to the ones who didn’t deserve them. But I must say, it has a whole new meaning when I said those lines to you and I wanted you to know that this is what it means.

I love you. For constantly saying that I look beautiful even without make-up. For the corny punch lines, you would randomly utter just to make me laugh. For that little act of kindness, you do whenever you can. For the sounds of your laughter.

I love you. To all those insanities within you. To all those nights that I heard you snore. For the sound of your voice that seems to soothes away all my anxieties and worries. For your smiles that make my day complete.

It might sound crazy saying these things but I love your imperfections.

And your out of the blue sweetness. And that cliché sigh you make. And your scars and flaws.

For the rants and drama you have been giving me (Yes, you do that). For making me feel proud of who I am. To all those fights we had. To your stories that made the person you are now. To the times you made me feel that it’s so much fun when we’re together, and just that I think it’s a wonderful thing. To all the things that encompass you. Aishite Imasu.

When you hear those words from me, I hope you know that its more than what you think it is. It is beyond words can ever express.

Because I love you with all of who I am.

For making me love you every day of my life.

Everything about you is what encompasses love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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