Meet Me In July

We sat on your rusty old porch for hours that day. It was so hot that it didn’t even make sense to try and cool ourselves anymore. We just gave in to the heat and we let the sweat roll down our faces, all while laughing hysterically at all the crazy happening around us.

It was just one of those days, you know. That perfectly mellow kind of day that you wish you could relive over and over again; no school, no job, no money, no worries. We rushed through our thoughts and vowed to never become like those people everybody hates.

It’s funny how we had it so good, yet we didn’t even know.

We complained about being so misunderstood and so ignored. Do you remember how we started laughing anyway, though? You summed it up perfectly when you declared that no one will ever have the power to truly understand you; not even me. In retrospect, that broke my heart a little bit. Nevertheless, you were wholeheartedly right. I never could understand how your mind worked and how you chose to carry yourself that way.

Perhaps that’s exactly why we faded away for each other. Maybe we gave up on trying to understand one another. At a certain moment in time, something somewhere must have gone awry.

Thinking about it now, what came next felt like complete annihilation. Still, after all the bitterness that came rushing in and after all the suffering that destroyed our belief in the greater good, I am almost certain that you would like to give it another go.

Sooner or later, you have to acknowledge the fact that we are the same, you and me. We are two simple minds who have strayed too far away from home. Luckily, we are the only ones who can guide ourselves back on the right path.

So, do you think we could give it another try?

Would you meet me in July?

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