10 One-Minute Life Hacks That Are Scientifically Proven To Work


1. For unlocking creativity

Take a pen.

Remove the cap.

Place the pen or hold it with your hand about 30 cm away from your eyes.

Stare at the tip of the pen. (Most important step)

Don’t think about anything, just look at it.

Initially it’ll be difficult (thoughts will come in your head, not able to concentrate properly) but practicing this will improve concentration.

NOTE : Don’t stare for too long (approx. one minute), otherwise eyes will start straining.

Practice this exercise before doing any work which requires your full attention.

– Rishabh Singh

2. Use cologne/perfume to enhance memory

Smell and memory are intimately related, so I make sure to use the same cologne before class, a different cologne before a night out, another scent for dates, and a unique scent for any long trips.

I realized the true power of this hack when I came back from my two-month excursion through Europe. I used a single scent the entire trip, and it was different from any other scent I had used before. When I got back to the States, I left the cologne in my travel bag and forgot about it for weeks.

When I finally came upon it, I decided to put it on. I immediately had flashbacks to memories that I had all but forgotten. It was amazing and bizarre how powerfully those memories flooded my mind. I make sure to only use the cologne for special occasions because it puts me in an incredible mood and mental state.

I recommend buying a good scent—that you haven’t used before— prior to going on a long trip and letting your nose complement your memory.

Juvian Julian Hernandez

3. Challenge Your Implicit Bias.

We are all guilty of forming opinions based on body image, clothes, and skin color, but few of us ever venture to challenge those beliefs. If you think all Mexicans/Latinos are lazy, then how many latinos do you know? I think this is especially important when it comes to dating. Centuries of elitist maneuvering on the part of the rich have left Americans with a culture plagued by racism and class warfare. I think it is time we start challenging our beliefs by looking at the data.

Juvian Julian Hernandez

4. Be super productive before an exam using self control

If you have an exam, destroy everything that distracts you (Challenge Accepted!)– download the App called ‘Self Control’ – add all the websites that drain your time and distract you.

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, like clockwork, click on the app, and turn it to 22 hours, click ‘Start’— now this only works if you do it everyday, first thing in the morning, when you are not fully awake. (Download, click ‘start’—less than one minute)

This would force you to actually get work done, because you won’t be distracted and you’re stuck with your books!

Bhavleen Smoth

5. Wake up early in the morning everyday without an alarm clock.

Use your pillow as an alarm clock. I’ll tell you how.

Just before you go to sleep, sit on your bed, hold your pillow close and whisper(in its ears).

“Wake me up at <time> A.M “

E.g. “Wake me up at 5 A.M”

Say this to your pillow at least 15 times (slowly) . Surprisingly, your eyes will automatically open at 5 AM or whatever time you told your pillow.

It works for me. Try it tonight, say the exact sentence “Wake me up at 5 A.M” and see if it works.

Diego Vega

6. This is a 30 second hack for life.

If junk food cravings are hindering your weight loss goal, you should know this really cool trick.


Next time, when you find it difficult to resist that Burger, try this 30 second cool mind trick.

Just tap your forehead for 30 seconds and your cravings are most likely to stop. Try it!!

I have tried it on myself, my brother and my friends. This just works every time.

Logic behind: Tapping the forehead distracts your mind.

-Vivek Mittal 

7. A tiny hack for overcoming negative thoughts.

When obsessed with negative thoughts and couldn’t control them, Here you go.

Place a rubber band around your Wrist.

Whenever the negative thought comes to your mind, Snap that band as tougher as you can. The pain will be conditioned to your subconscious mind linking with negative thought. Gradually, by linking physical pain factor with negative thought on conditioning, our subconscious mind will be alerted and alarmed before stepping into Negative move.

Source: “Mega Living” by Robin Sharma

8. Leave a book (and highlighter) on your bedside table.

This works with any positive habits: make sure you have the right object in the right place at the right time.

If you want to read before bed, make sure you have a book (on top) of your bedside table or, even better, on your pillow.
If you want to go to the gym first thing, prepare your kit in the evening and leave it waiting for you on the floor.
If you want to drink more water, get a nice bottle and always keep it next to you.

Let objects do the work, so you don’t have to rely on memory or willpower.
Over time, your behaviour will automate into a habit.

Matt Sandrini

9. Count the times you chew when eating, to slow down and enjoy every single bit of the flavor that might be hidden.

For example, if you chew a piece of plain bun or a bread long enough (like 20 or 30 times), you will find a hidden sweet taste. This is because the starch is broken down into glucose right there on your tongue. A very unique, light sweetness, indeed. Try.

– Jenny ZW Li

10. This simple hack can save you from getting spam emails.

Every time you register with your gmail account on a website, put a ‘+’ sign after the username. For example your email id is ‘abc@example.com’ and you are registering on amazon, register with ‘abc+amazon@example.com’. The gmail/google accounts ignores the ‘+’ sign and anything after it. This simple hack can save you as the next time you receive an email from unknown source, just check the ‘To’ option and if you find ‘abc+amazon@example.com’, this means amazon is selling your emails and you can unsubscribe from the email list and get relieved from getting spam emails.

– Lakshya Narula

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