These Are The Best Habits To Start Young That Will Significantly Make Your Adult Life Easier

1. “Encourage children to be curious and to learn by trial and error. Do not reward right answers and one right way. Those who learn only right answers will lean towards authoritarian values, while those who tolerate mistakes and love new discovery will learn to be open minded and understand life is about growth and acceptance.” – Paul, 57

2. “Read good books, unplug the TV, don’t give a shit on what others think about you (if this it’s possible, tell me how you did it), listen to good music, go out when it’s raining and soak your skin in rain, speak up your mind. And don’t let judgment get you. In the end you have one life and make the best out of it.” – Mihaela, 23

3. “Learn to say no.” – Tanvi, 23

4. “Make art and give no shit to external pressure.” – Rodrigo, 32

5. “Eating healthy!!! And saving your money.” – Paula, 26

6. “Reading definitely. I regret I haven’t read much when I was younger. Playing sports. Any kind of sports.” – Mariem, 24

7. “Exercising!! I work for a tech company and run two businesses right now, and I cannot even express how much working out helps me de-stress. It’s the best thing I really stuck with as a kid – making sure I made time everyday to work out.” – Liz, 32

8. “Putting yourself first when you need to! I think it’s really hard to not try to please everyone. Especially as we were younger, trying to fit in. Be cool. Be trendy. We didn’t give ourselves enough attention because we were too worried about keeping up with everyone else. My adult self is way less concerned about what else is going on if I’m not in a good place myself.” – Isabel, 28

9. “Saving money! One thing I wasn’t really taught growing up and now that I’m an adult with bills, I wish I would have started saving at a younger age.” – Callie, 32

10. “Looking after your body from an early age. Feeding your skin great amounts of coconut or grape seed oil, nurturing your body with the best organic foods, working out a couple times each week, protecting your skin from sun damage, taking vitamins…drinking water! You’d rather look younger when you’re older, trust me.” – Patricia, 40

11. “Being sincere about your feelings with everyone – I can’t stress how important it is to not accumulate emotional baggage.” – Victor, 32

12. “Let go of toxic relationships. God knows how many years I’ve spent with the wrong people.” – Tamara, 27

13. “Learn to cook your own meals. Women love it.” – Alex, 29

14. “Believe in yourself and stop comparing who you are to what you could’ve been. It’s never too late to start liking yourself, but it definitely gets harder with age.” – Felicia, 45

15. “Use birth control, unless you want unwanted babies or an STD.” – Becky, 23

16. “Take up as many classes you can, use your spare time to learn, study and become smarter about the things that interest you. You will always think you don’t have the time, the skill, or the ease to do it, until you’re actually half way sucked into it.” – Barry, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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