15 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re NOT A Morning Person


1. You avoid having friends crash in at your place

The idea that someone might wake up earlier than you and nag you with requests, questions or just small talk is pure terror to you and your late morning sleep. You’d rather not host people at your house than have to put up with accommodating their needs (breakfast, coffee) or chatting with them in the early hours.

2. You’re unreachable before noon sometimes

People have to get used to you being off your phone and computer in the morning. You take your rest very seriously and simply avoid checking your calls or inbox earlier in the day. You need a lot of time to get into your functional persona.

3. You’re easily irritable if someone insists to talk to you in the morning

Sometimes you just have to put up with people, but when it’s nothing urgent, you bluntly dismiss them. The only sound you want to hear in a.m. hours is that of your relaxing music of choice, or simply a calming, relaxing recording of nature sounds.

4. You avoid small talk with co-workers over morning coffee

Oh yes. This is terrible to handle, especially if you have to be at work every day in a big office with various, curious colleagues who make your nerves snap. You prefer to have your coffee at home, on your way to work or simply in a different spot – just to avoid having to hear your co-workers chit chat.

5. You come off as grumpy

And because you go solo with your coffee ritual, people call you out for being quirky, impolite or antisocial. You always have to explain you’re not a morning person, but somehow they take it personal.

6. You make up a lot of fictional excuses for being late

“I had a dentist appointment”. “I took my niece to school”. “I had nausea”. “I’m having a hard time in my personal life”. “My new medication is making me sleep too much”. “I was at the bank”. “I couldn’t find a parking spot”. Insert here your best-selling lie.

7. You just want to be left alone

You do. You have your own morning rituals, and maybe that includes cooking yourself a good breakfast, meditating, doing yoga, taking long showers or simply staring at the ceiling for 30 minutes. Having someone participate into your routine simply drives you nuts.

8. You’re not in the mood for jokes

You come off as sarcastic because – even though you’re the funniest person during evenings – mornings are such a bad place for you to even “get” a joke.

9. You grow anxious around large groups of people

Crowded vehicles in the morning, packed waiting rooms and long, loud meetings are a terrible place to be. You just can’t wrap your head around having to talk to several people or hear them talk around you. You wish you were in bed now.

10. You cross the street to avoid bumping into people you know

This may look harsh, but you can’t help it. You prefer to be invisible at that time of day rather than greet someone who will most probably want to know more about how you’ve been doing.

11. You always set up meetings after 2 PM

You get into your all functional, balanced and persuasive mode only several hours into the day, so you prefer to schedule all important events for when you’re fully apt to concentrate and cooperate.

12. You have a hard time going to bed early

You tried a lot of things (sports, herbal remedies, guided sleep inducing meditation), but your body simply won’t revert to early bird mode. You become hyperactive during evenings, and only get tired after midnight.

13. You constantly have to explain people it’s not them, it’s you and your sleep habits

And it’s draining you. You always wish you knew more people alike you.

14. If you have to wake up early, you feel tired all day long

Naturally, your body can’t work out with low energy levels. You need at least 10 hours of sleep every day, so if you’re only getting 6 or 7, you feel cloud-headed all day.

15. You easily lash out at your partner for waking you up

This is especially hard if your partner is someone who is a highly energetic morning persons. I’ve personally had this issue with most of my boyfriends, and few people can admit you don’t need to change because that’s just the way your body functions. Science also says we women need far more sleep than men. Either way, sleeping late doesn’t make you lazy, ill or disrespectful to others. It’s just who you are and how you function. And trust me, that’s okay.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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