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We’re Just Savage Self Savers

It sounds overdosed, but after many internal repetitions, I’ve convinced myself that perhaps if humans stare into one another’s eyes for long enough, we’ll know how long our matters have known one another.

There Is Always With You

I miss watching you fall out of love with me because then there was you. I miss sobbing on the cold church floor, praying for God to wake up from his nap because then, at least, then there was you. 

I Never Meant To Push Everyone Away

woman standing looking at self in puddle

When I lie awake in bed at night, I stare at the ceiling and tally how many people I wish I wouldn’t have pushed away, and the answer is too high to count. So I just lie in the midnight, hearing only sobs and church choirs and glass breaking and big bangs and silence.

Here Are The Things I Wish You Knew

Here Are The Things I Wish You Knew

I wish you knew what it was felt like to not just screw around, but to love. To be consumed by a wildfire and to be addicted to the heat and to be in love with that terrifying yet exhilarating feeling.

To Love Is To Miss

To Love Is To Miss

I only smiled at him on the metro earlier today because I was melancholy, yet now there is a collarbone on my lips and smeared scarlet lipstick on them.

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