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There Is Always With You

I miss watching you fall out of love with me because then there was you. I miss sobbing on the cold church floor, praying for God to wake up from his nap because then, at least, then there was you. 

I Never Meant To Push Everyone Away

woman standing looking at self in puddle

When I lie awake in bed at night, I stare at the ceiling and tally how many people I wish I wouldn’t have pushed away, and the answer is too high to count. So I just lie in the midnight, hearing only sobs and church choirs and glass breaking and big bangs and silence.

Here Are The Things I Wish You Knew

Here Are The Things I Wish You Knew

I wish you knew what it was felt like to not just screw around, but to love. To be consumed by a wildfire and to be addicted to the heat and to be in love with that terrifying yet exhilarating feeling.

To Love Is To Miss

To Love Is To Miss

I only smiled at him on the metro earlier today because I was melancholy, yet now there is a collarbone on my lips and smeared scarlet lipstick on them.

When You Feel Like You’ll Never Be Enough

Sometimes a really pretty song will play on the radio while I’m driving, and I’ll get goose bumps that actually hurt and a thumping heart and blurry eyes. There are no seconds or minutes or hours to infinity. Just there, I am just there, right there.