The World's First Hipsters

I had an awesome mustache before it was cool to have an awesome mustache.Friederich Nietzsche

I was a non-conformist before it was cool to be a non-conformist.Henry David Thoreau

I didn’t wear a bra before it was cool not to wear a bra.Suffragettes

I lived in Williamsburg before it was cool to live in Williamsburg.The Hasidic Jews

I shopped at the Salvation Army before it was cool to shop at the Salvation Army.Morphine Addicts

I liked Kurt Vonnegut before it was cool to like Kurt Vonnegut.Kurt Vonnegut’s Mom

I hung out at coffee shops before it was cool to hang out at coffee shops.The Cast of Friends

I used the phrase “ironic” incorrectly before it was cool to use the phrase “ironic” incorrectly.Alanis Morissette

I did street art before it was cool to do street art.That Homeless Guy Who Happens to Own His Own Watercolor Set

I was a tool before it was cool to be a tool.A Screwdriver TC mark


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  • Asdf

    Is it actually cool to be a tool? Colour me skeptical.

    • Jules

      I think that last bit was actually “ironic.” Did I use that the right way? ;)

  • Courtney Goldy

    They forgot Franz Kafka. “My parents are really rich and sent me to law school, but I’m going to pretend to be a poor writer. Also, my writings are really deep and you probably won’t understand them.”

  • Guest


  • Marklbuckner

    the word “ironic” is not a “phrase.”

    • Nich Eggert

      Not true. If you take any syntax class you’ll find that APs (‘adjective phrases’, of which ‘ironic’ would be included, as an adjective) can rewrite as simply an obligatory adjective without the need of a degree word. 

      • Marco Darko

        Nich, I know you’re trying to be helpful, but maybe you’re you should go find something better to do because no one gives a damn.

      • Ellesse

        I give a damn. Thanks for the tidbit, Nich.

      • Guest

        mark and marco sup

      • Gregory Costa


  • Sverre Eidem

    I was first before being first was cool. ~Adam

  • Paul S

    You forgot Hitler; alternative facial hair, extreme political views, struggling/failed artist, non-traditional relationship with significant other, etc.

  • Virt

    here’s an idea never before thought of and done the exact same way by anybody

  • punny

    The only thing going through my brain while reading Walden (aside from, “hey, he makes a pretty good point”) was that Thoreau was totally the original hipster.

  • sundaypoem

    Reblogged this on Sunday Poem.

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