26 Completely Real (But Sometimes Ridiculous) Reasons Why I Cried In The Last Week

No need to double check that headline. I did indeed cry, at least, 26 times over the last week. I am not depressed. Isn’t it funny that we automatically associate tears with sadness? We live in the year 2016 where feelings are no longer easily defined and expressing these feelings isn’t limited to the standard, acceptable displays of emotion. I cry quite a bit. I get teased about it; I make jokes about it myself. Sometimes I hate it and I wish my eyeballs would stop betraying me.

Other times, I’m proud of the little droplets that escape my big, brown eyes and go running down my full cheeks. Taking away the tears would be like taking away a piece of me.

I’m well aware that not everyone is like me. My husband, for example, has cried less than a handful of times since we’ve been married (five years ago). He sometimes gives me an odd glance when I begin sniffling but he ultimately pats me on the back and patiently waits for the wave to pass. Whatever your feelings look like, however they do or don’t present themselves, own it. I do.
This week I cried because…


1. My mouse stopped working while I was at my 9 to 5.

2. I saw the Dove commercial about self-love (for the tenth time).

3. I was singing Vance Joy’s Fire and the Flood at the top of my lungs, in the shower, and the lyrics gave me the feels.

4. Someone complimented one of my blog posts.

5. My friend was having a bad day.

6. I got into a fight with my husband (sad tears).

7. I got into a fight with my husband Part 2 (angry tears).

8. Bernie Sanders gave a speech.

9. Donald Trump won some states.

10. I spilled water all over my desk.

11. I remembered what I was like four years ago.

12. I thought about who I know I will be.

13. The words “proud of you” came out of someone’s mouth.

14. The words “I love you” came out of mine.

15. I finished a work out with quitting or wanting to quit.

16. I sat in the dentist’s chair.

17. My dreams were overwhelming.

18. I set foot into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time.

19. I watched Love on Netflix.

20. I reread Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

21. My cat scratched me.

22. I took my cat to the groomer for the first time and had to leave him there for three hours.

23. I was thankful for my husband.

24. Someone made me laugh, like really hard.

25. I got soap in my eye.

26. Life seemed manageable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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