25 Things You Definitely Already Knew About ‘Wayne’s World’

Wayne's World
Wayne’s World

1. Wayne’s World is a movie.

2. One the characters is named “Wayne.”

3. Wasn’t that one guy, The Church Lady, in it?

4. And also Austin Powers, I’m pretty sure, but before he was Austin Powers.

5. One of those two guys, The Church Lady or Austin Powers, was definitely Wayne.

6. The whole thing was based on this SNL sketch, but I can’t really remember what the joke was.

7. Were they supposed to be metalheads or something?

8. I don’t think there was any metal on the soundtrack, other than Aerosmith, but I’m pretty sure they don’t count.

9. Also that could have been the other movie.

10. Oh that’s another thing! They totally made a second Wayne’s World.

11. It was either in that one or the first one that they sang that long song with all the funny parts.

12. Oh man, what a wacky song, right?

13. Mike Myers, that’s Austin Powers’ name. I know because Austin Powers is also Shrek.

14. Didn’t one of them, Wayne or the other guy, have glasses?

15. And a hat. One of them had glasses and the other had a hat.

16. Actually, they could have both had glasses and hats.

17. Or maybe one of them had one and the other had both.

18. I don’t really remember, to be honest.

19. SCHWING! That’s something people said a lot when that movie came out.

20. You’d be with your friend looking for a place that sold tacos or something, and then you’d see a taco place and your friend would be like, “SCHWING!”

21. That always got a laugh.

22. I bet if I said “SCHWING!” at work tomorrow it would really crack people up.

23. Hah, “SCHWING!”

24. Also one of the letters in the logo looked like a globe.

25. Must have been the “O,” I guess. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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