Here’s What You Should Do When A Girl Flirts With You

You love to flirt. You do it even when you don’t know it. You may not realize you’re teasing the guy in the coffee shop and he thinks you’re into him but you’re really not. At times it’s difficult to tell.

I have to say I’ve done my fair share of flirting when I didn’t realize it. Wherever I’d go, whether it was starting a new job, first day of school, hanging out with a new group of people, there was a guy with a crush on me and I never intentionally lead any guy on. But, he’s always assumed that me being nice was me liking him, which was not the case at all.

Flirting can be rather deceiving because you flirt when you want something. Think about when you’re a waitress. You tend to make conversations that involve batting your eyelashes and smiling a ton. You’re really doing this in order to get a good tip and keep them coming back, not because you want a date.

Then there are actual instances when you like a guy and want to hang out with him. But, I have to say that some guys are quite oblivious when it comes to flirting. There have been countless times when I’ve had a crush on a guy and he flirted back, but never made a move. What’s up with that, guys? We wait for you to ask us out, but you don’t do anything. Are you not sure that we’re interested because we really are! You take a chance on a girl at a bar, but you won’t take a chance on a girl you’ve known for a while that seems as if she likes you? It makes no sense to us and we need to know why. What’s up? What happened?

I’ve given him my phone number, yet he doesn’t text me. Sound familiar? Well, it’s happened time and time again, yet we are never explained why. “It’s not you, it’s me.” Oh, that’s crap! You need to have a better explanation than that! Seriously! Just tell us the truth! We’re big girls, we can take it!

Don’t play with us and flirt because it’s fun. To us, it’s called being “lead on.” If you like us, ask us out. And please don’t come over to us drunk and want to get in our pants because guess what? It’s not happening!

Please, if you like a girl and are truly flirting with her, do the right thing and ask her out, don’t play with her emotions. TC mark

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