6 Heartwarming Qualities That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mother The Next Time You See Her

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Shutterstock / maxriesgo

No matter how you put it, the relationship between a mother and daughter is special. She’s the one who carried you in her belly for 9 months and endured all that pain delivering you. And, she’s also the one who will love you unconditionally, no matter what you do!

Um….. haven’t you seen Gilmore Girls and just wish you and your mommy were that close? Sure, we all do. Rory and Lorelai literally did everything and anything together. There was nothing that could tear those two apart and that’s how it should be!

1. Nothing will ever break the bond!

There is absolutely nothing you can do to break this special and unconditional bond you and your mother have. She will care for you and watch after you no matter what happens.

2. Even though she doesn’t always agree, she’ll support you.

Okay, so maybe mom doesn’t agree with you moving halfway across the world, but she’ll be the first one there if things fall apart. She may not agree, but she’ll support you!

3. You always have a shopping buddy!

Mom will always be around when you need a bud to shop with. She’ll give you her honest opinion and you’ll trust her because well, she’d never lie to you. Duh….

4. You can talk to her about anything and she’ll listen.

Whenever you have a problem or issue and don’t have anyone else to go to, mom will always be around to lend an ear. She’ll take the time to offer advice and won’t turn away in your time of need.

5. When you need a shoulder to cry on, she’ll be there.

Let’s say Bobby broke up with you again, mom will come to the rescue and will be your shoulder to cry on. Do you know why? Because she’s that amazing!

6. Most of all, she’s the best person in the world!

You love your mom because they’d do anything in their power to make you happy. When you’re down, she’s there, when you’re happy, she’s your cheerleading. You love her unconditionally and never take her for granted. Like… ever! TC mark

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