In Your Next Life Chapter, You Deserve A Partner You Can Count On

Stop settling for relationships where you’re running around nonstop, completing favors for them and trying to please them, while they’re doing absolutely nothing for you.

You deserve better than a partner who complains whenever you ask them for something but expects you to drop everything in order to help them out. You deserve better than a love that feels lopsided and conditional. In this year, you owe it to yourself to stop wasting your time with partners who are comfortable giving you the bare minimum because you are not ‘greedy’ for craving more.

You deserve a partner who sets aside quality time to spend with you. A partner who prioritizes your relationship, so you never have to question where you stand with them. A partner who goes above and beyond to make you happy, the same way you always do for them.

You deserve a partner who is actually present when they’re in the room with you. A partner who listens closely when you’re speaking instead of staring at their phone and giving you one-word answers while waiting for their turn to speak. Your partner should appreciate your mind as much as your body. They should be invested in your opinions, your thoughts, and your dreams.

You deserve a partner you can genuinely count on. A partner who is going to follow through on their promises, even if it inconveniences them, because they want you to trust them. More than that, they want to be there for you. They would never dream of leaving you hanging because they care about you as much as you care about them. They are willing and eager to give as much as they receive because, in their eyes, you deserve the world.

You deserve a partner who shows up whenever you’re hurting. A partner who helps you through the healing process, no matter how long and arduous it is, instead of expecting you to deal with your problems alone. You shouldn’t settle for someone who cuts and runs whenever times get hard, who only wants to stick around for the happy, fun times because that’s not what a real relationship entails. You deserve a partner who lets you sob on their shoulder, who pulls you closer when you’re upset instead of turning the other way.

You deserve a partner who supports your wildest dreams, even if it means spending less time with them. They want the best for you, regardless of what it means for them because they genuinely have your best interest at heart. They honestly want to see you thrive. They aren’t jealous of your successes. They aren’t intentionally trying to hold you back. Quite the contrary. They are helping you reach your full potential. They are in your corner, no matter what. They always have your back, no question about it.

Don’t settle for anyone who leaves you hanging because you deserve someone you can count on one thousand percent. Someone whose words match their actions every time. You don’t want to waste time with someone who talks a big talk in order to sweep you off your feet, then fails to follow through. You deserve someone who means every single word they say to you. Someone who you can trust wholeheartedly because they have never misled you or looked you in the eyes and lied. They are authentic. They are loyal. They are proving that you can count on them time and time again.