Hold Out For Someone Who Accepts Your Anxiety

Hold Out For Someone Who Accepts Your Anxiety

You don’t want to settle for a relationship where you have to tiptoe around your partner. You shouldn’t feel pressured to hide your symptoms when it’s only the two of you. You shouldn’t feel forced to lie about being fine when you’re spiraling on the inside.

You should date someone who makes you feel completely comfortable, someone who encourages you to open up about your experiences, someone who isn’t going to run away when you’re real with them.

You don’t want to be stuck with a partner who only enjoys your company on your good days, when you’re seemingly fine on the outside, when they don’t have to deal with comforting you.

Real love doesn’t have qualifiers. You shouldn’t date someone who only loves you if you’re bubbly and outgoing that day, if they don’t have to deal with your mental health issues, if you keep your problems to yourself so they can act like everything is fine.

Even though it’s scary to show your partner the real you, you don’t want to hide pieces of yourself. It’s important to know whether this person is someone you can rely on when you’re feeling anxious, someone who will help you through your toughest moments — or whether they’re someone who makes you feel ashamed of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Despite what your anxiety tells you, you aren’t unlovable. You aren’t a burden. And you should never settle for someone who makes you feel like you are.

You should never settle for a relationship where you’re forced to put on a performance in order to keep them happy. You shouldn’t have to act like someone else in order to earn their affection.

Remember, real love is messy. Real love is raw. The right person for you will love you even when the curtain comes down and they see you for the first time, flaws and all.

If someone runs away when you need them the most, they aren’t the right one for you. Their refusal to accept you doesn’t mean you should be embarrassed about being yourself. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It means you need to continue your search for love. It means there’s someone out there who’s a much better fit for you.

Just because one person is unable to love you through your anxiety doesn’t mean the rest of the world will feel the same. You might not like this piece of yourself, you might wish it would disappear, but it isn’t stopping you from creating a fulfilling relationship. You can still find happiness. Love isn’t out of your reach.

Find a partner who accepts your anxiety, who doesn’t love you any less on your hard days.

Find a partner who supports you and encourages you to express your feelings, even though they might not understand those feelings completely.

Find a partner who accepts that your anxiety is a part of you and doesn’t wish it away. Find a partner who loves you exactly as you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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