6 Reminders For When You Feel Like Your Best Days Are Behind You

6 Reminders For When You Feel Like Your Best Days Are Behind You

1. You are allowed to appreciate your warmest memories without wanting to run back to them. Sometimes, the people who were instrumental to you in the past no longer serve you in the present. Sometimes, you’re meant to move on without the people and places that have shaped you. Even though it hurts to say goodbye, you cannot remain in the same place forever. Once you outgrow your surroundings, you owe it to yourself to move on.

2. You aren’t giving yourself enough credit. Sometimes, you’ve gotten lucky throughout life. But most of the time, you ended up making a new friend or dating a new person or earning a new job because you made it happen. You used your tools to your advantage. You welcomed success with open arms. Even though you’re down right now, you haven’t lost your touch. You’re going to discover happiness again. It’s not out of your reach. Not even close.

3. You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner. Think of all the spectacular things that have happened to you in the past, all of the little moments you never expected, that hit you out of nowhere. There are so many opportunities you’ve come across that have surprised you — and you’ll be surprised again. You cannot predict where this life will take you. You just have to hold onto the hope that you’re doing enough, that your hard work will land you somewhere special.

4. Growth requires you to sacrifice your past-self. If you want to move forward — if you want to grow and change into the healthiest version of yourself — you have to say goodbye to the person you once were. You have to reevaluate your goals and realign your priorities. You have to make sure you’re on track to creating a life that makes your heart and soul feel full. In order to reach your new dreams, you might have to give up some of your old ones. You might have to sacrifice the things you once thought you couldn’t live without — and that’s okay. That’s part of growing.

5. A different type of life doesn’t mean a worse life. You might not hold onto the same friendships in your twenties that you cherished as a teenager. You might relocate, change career paths, or separate from your first real love — but there’s nothing wrong with change. Even though your old life was beautiful, that doesn’t stop your current life from being beautiful in a brand new way. Different paths can lead you toward the same end result — success, love, and happiness.

6. You’re overflowing with potential you can’t even see yourself. How could your best days be behind you when you know so much more today than yesterday? How could your greatest memories be in your rearview when you’re so much stronger, wiser, and well-rounded than you were when you were younger? You’re growing each and every day. You’re inching toward the person you were always meant to become. Even though the unknown is scary, your future isn’t as daunting as it seems. You’re going to accomplish so much. You’re going to make yourself so undeniably proud someday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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