What You’re Like As A Girlfriend, Based On Your Favorite Book Genre

What You’re Like As A Girlfriend, Based On Your Favorite Book Genre

Romance: It goes without saying, but you’re a romantic. You’re willing to put plenty of effort into dates — and you expect your partner to do the same. You love candlelight dinners, walks on beaches, chocolates, flowers, rose petals, and romantic getaways.

Horror: You’re a skeptic. Whenever someone is nice to you, you wonder whether they have an ulterior motive. It takes you a long time to open up to others because you don’t want them to use your secrets against you. You’re a closed book until someone special cracks you open.

Fantasy: You’re a dreamer. You’re always daydreaming about your crush, so sometimes you end up liking the idea of them more than the real them. However, you have high standards, so you will refuse to settle for them if they prove themselves unworthy of you.

Historical Fiction: You’re old-fashioned. You want to be courted. You want someone to hold your hand, open your car door, and slow dance with you. You don’t mind taking the relationship slow, because the buildup is one of the best parts.

Poetry: You’re passionate. When you like someone, you can’t stop thinking about them and when you’re finished with them, there’s no changing your mind. You feel your emotions intensely. Love is beautiful to you — but broken hearts take you to a dark place.

Thrillers: You want your partner to give you an adrenaline rush. You live for that roller coaster feeling and won’t settle for less. As soon as the relationship gets repetitive, you start to grow bored. You refuse to live a mundane life. You want constant excitement.

Biographies: You’re a realist. You understand love is going to be messy. Your partner isn’t going to be perfect and neither are you. You’re both going to make mistakes throughout the relationship, but what matters is how you bounce back from them.

Self-Help: You understand your happiness is in your own hands, not your partner’s hands. This is why you put plenty of effort into yourself. You never neglect your own wants and needs. You’re constantly striving to become a better person, which makes you a wonderful partner.

Science Fiction: You’re a fixer. You’re always looking for a way to make the world (and your relationships) better. You have a brilliant mind and aren’t afraid to make important changes. However, you can be a bit pessimistic about love, relationships, and humanity as a whole.

Humor: You’re able to laugh at yourself and you love to have fun. You make a wonderful partner because you’re always up for having a good time. You don’t take yourself too seriously. You go with the flow and make everyone around you smile.

Adventure/Action: You need a partner who is as spontaneous and adventurous as you are because you aren’t going to be happy staying home every weekend. You want to travel. You want to explore. You want to see the world.

Literary Fiction: You’ve been called picky on more than one occasion because you have incredibly high standards. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to chase after it. Your person needs to check every single one of your boxes. Otherwise, you aren’t interested. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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