Toxic Humans Are Never Going To Fight Fair

Toxic humans aren’t going to let you go without a fight. Even though they might treat you like nothing for weeks, months, or years — they will change their tune as soon as you consider leaving.

They aren’t going to respect your decision to remove yourself from such a toxic environment. They aren’t going to take the mature route, take responsibility for their actions, and allow you to walk away willingly.

They are going to kick and scream. They are going to bawl their eyes out and beg you to forgive them. They are going to twist truths and warp scenarios to make you feel guilty. They are going to give half-baked apologies by placing the blame on their parents, their exes, their upbringing, their baggage.

When that doesn’t work, they are going to blame you. They are going to accuse you of lying about loving them. They are going to convince you there’s no one else in the world who will put up with you the way they have in the past. They are going to pinpoint your every flaw. They are going to try their hardest to destroy your self-esteem so you lose the energy to fight, so you forget about walking away.

Toxic humans aren’t going to fight fair, even after you’re gone. They are going to spin the story of your breakup whenever they run into a mutual friend. They are going to post blatant lies on social media to make you look like the bad guy, to make the world feel sorry for them, to make everyone assume they are the one who is struggling when you are really the one who has been put through unbelievable pain.

Toxic humans are going to try their best to convince you it’s easier to stay and settle for them than it is to leave them. But you cannot allow them to control you. You cannot choose the ‘easy’ path when it is making you so miserable. You need to stay strong. You need to do what is right for your own mental health.

If you are with someone toxic, you deserve to leave them. You deserve to get out as soon as possible. Don’t feel guilty about doing what is best for yourself. You aren’t selfish. You aren’t heartless.

They might accuse you of breaking a promise to stay with them through thick and thin — but think about how many promises they have broken. Think about what they have put you through. Then think about whether you would find it acceptable if your best friend or daughter or sibling was being put through this hell. Think about the advice you would give them. Would you tell them to stick it out? Or would you tell them to run run run?

If you want to leave, then go. Don’t second guess your decision. Don’t let your partner talk you out of the breakup because toxic humans don’t fight fair. They will say absolutely anything to get you to stay. But you always have a choice. You don’t have to listen to them. You don’t have to stay with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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