Your Forever Person Won't Expect You To Be Happy 24/7

Your Forever Person Won’t Expect You To Be Happy 24/7

Your forever person isn’t going to expect you to be in a bright, sunshiny mood all the time. They aren’t going to expect you to laugh and joke around with them every single day without fail.

They are going to understand you’re your own person with your own thoughts and emotions, and sometimes those thoughts will be dark, sometimes those emotions will be messy.

Your forever person isn’t going to get scared away on your bad days. They’re not going to abandon you to deal with your problems on your own because they don’t want the drama. They aren’t going to pick and choose when they hang out with you, based on whether you’re going to be fun that day or whether you’re going to need a shoulder to lean on.

Your forever person is going to love you through all of your moods. They will let you cry in front of them. They will let you vent to them. They will let you express all of your emotions without stopping you with accusations of how you are being too emotional.

When you open up to your forever person about how you’re feeling, they aren’t going to get annoyed that you aren’t in a good mood. They are going to be relieved you trusted them enough to talk to them. They are going to be excited that they are playing such an important role in your world.

The only thing they will be upset about is the fact that you are upset because they want you to be happy. They want to see your smile.

You should never settle for someone who leaves you to deal with your problems alone, who acts like you’re a burden when you try to talk about something other than sex. Relationships require communication. And communication is about more than sexting and inside jokes.

Your forever person isn’t going to get uncomfortable when things get real. They aren’t going to stop answering your texts when the conversation turns serious. They aren’t going to leave you crying alone instead of trying to help you through the pain. They aren’t going to abandon you when you need them the most.

Your forever person is going to be there for you, no matter what you are going through. They won’t like you less when you’re in a bad mood. They won’t come up with excuses to avoid you when you’re dealing with issues they couldn’t care less about.

They’ll stick by your side when you are going through a rough time. They’ll try to cheer you up. They’ll try to make you feel okay again. And if they aren’t able to accomplish that, they’ll hope that simply being present will be enough. They’ll hope it makes a difference.

Remember, your forever person is supposed to see every side of you. They’re supposed to be there for you through it all. They shouldn’t bolt when you show any sign of emotion. They shouldn’t leave you hanging when you need a friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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