Sometimes, Your Anxiety Is Going To Win

Sometimes, Your Anxiety Is Going To Win

Sometimes, you’re not going to be able to roll out of bed. You’re going to stay beneath the covers all morning. You’re going to cancel your plans, call out from work, and take the day to yourself. You’re not going to get anything productive done, no matter how hard you try. You’re going to feel like you wasted hours upon hours. You’re going to feel like your anxiety beat you.

Even though days like that hurt, they’re not the end of the world. Not every single day is going to be a good one. There are going to be times when your anxiety gets the best of you, but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. That doesn’t mean you’ve done a horrible job of handling your symptoms.

Some days you’re going to find the strength to get up, get dressed, and get out of the house despite your anxiety. Some days you’ll barely even feel any anxiety and won’t have a problem going about your day and completing your chores and socializing with friends. But other days, you’re not going to be able to accomplish as much as you’d like. You’re not going to be able to shake that anxious feeling. And that’s nothing to be ashamed about.

That doesn’t mean your anxiety is going to hold you back forever. It simply means, right now, you need a little break. You need some time to rest. To readjust. To reenergize. 

Remember, even though there are certain days when you’re able to push past your anxiety and accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted, there are bound to be other days when you have trouble. When you question yourself. When you question your abilities. When you lose control.

Sometimes, your anxiety is going to win, and that’s okay. Just because you lost a single battle doesn’t mean you’re going to lose the entire fight.

You’re allowed to have bad days. They don’t make you weak. They don’t make you a failure. They don’t make you an embarrassment. They make you human. A human who is trying their best to survive. A human who should be proud of themselves. A human who is refusing to give up.

On the days when your anxiety wins, remember that you didn’t do anything wrong. Instead of spending the entire day hating yourself, be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself with kindness. Give yourself love.

Your anxiety can be frustrating. It can be aggravating. But it shouldn’t be an excuse to treat yourself like shit.

On the days when your anxiety wins, remember that you can still accomplish great things. You have a bright future ahead of you. Your anxiety doesn’t mean you’re set up for a life of failure. Think of how many things you’ve already accomplished that you never thought were possible. Just because today is a rough day doesn’t mean tomorrow will be rough, too.

On the days when your anxiety wins, remember that you’re a strong person. You’ve made it this far. And you’re going to make it even further. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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