When You Realize He's Been Leading You On, Walk Away

When You Realize He’s Been Leading You On, Walk Away

When you realize he’s been leading you on, take a moment to pause. To accept what happened. To get the tears out of your system. To get your heart rate under control. To understand that even though this feels like a rejection, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You aren’t unlovable. You aren’t a screwup. You aren’t destined to end up alone. This is just one person. One opinion. One no.

When you realize he’s been leading you on, don’t continue chasing after him. Don’t try to change his mind. Don’t argue with him about how you deserve another chance after everything he put you through, after how long he’s been stringing you along, after how hard you fell for him.

When you realize he’s been leading you on, walk away from him. It’s not your responsibility to show him why you’re worthy of his love. He should see it from the start. If he’s blind to your beauty, you can’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. It’s not on you.

You deserve better than someone who is unable to see your value. Someone who was perfectly fine with stringing you along, even though they knew you were going to end up hurting, even though they knew they were doing the wrong thing, even though they knew it was selfish.

When you realize he’s been leading you on, it’s okay to be upset, but don’t call yourself stupid. Don’t feel like an idiot for being unable to see your feelings were stronger than his. Don’t feel like you wasted time on him — but don’t waste any more time on him either. Don’t stick around to see if he changes his tune. Don’t keep your heart in his hands.

When you realize he’s been leading you on, remind yourself it’s better to be alone than to chase after the wrong person. And as hard as it might be to admit this to yourself, he is the wrong person. He’s not going to give you everything you deserve. He’s not even going to give you a label. Which means he’s not worth the trouble. He’s not worth your tears. He’s not worth your stress.

When you realize he’s been leading you on, walk away. Find someone new. Someone who prioritizes you from the start. Or spend some time on your own. Enjoy the single life. Learn to appreciate your own company, to cherish yourself, to love yourself.

Either way, once you realize he’s been leading you on, you can’t keep pining after him. You can’t hold onto the hope things are going to change. This is your cue to move on. You need to let him go. You need to stop thinking about him. Stop texting him. Stop chasing him.

Even though you might feel like you’re never going to love again, like he was the only one for you, like he was the best man you’ll ever meet, soon you’re going to think otherwise. Soon you’re going to realize that you deserve more than someone who strings you along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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