The Best Part Of 'It: Chapter Two' Is That Bill Hader Is Finally Getting The Recognition He Deserves

The Best Part Of ‘It: Chapter Two’ Is That Bill Hader Is Finally Getting The Recognition He Deserves

I’m not going to spoil the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but Bill Hader has the funniest lines, the most emotional lines, and the most quotable lines. I can’t thank Finn Wolfhard enough for suggesting him as the older version of Richie because he fits the role perfectly.

If you haven’t seen Bill Hader as anyone except Stefon on Weekend Update, here’s a recap of why he deserves the recognition he’s finally getting for his movie and television roles:

1. He’s vocal about the fact that he suffers from anxiety.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, it’s such a relief to see a person I admire talk openly and honestly about their struggles with anxiety. It’s nice to know my mental health isn’t destined to destroy my chances of success because Hader hasn’t let it destroy his.

2. He’s hilarious — and not just on SNL.

When you watch Bill in interviews, at least one of you is going to burst out laughing. He’s an excellent storyteller, engaging, and overall fun to watch. It’s nice to see someone as authentic as him in interviews.

3. He’s a talented director, writer, and producer.

If you’re not caught up on Barry yet, then you need to start bingewatching. The show strikes the perfect balance between being dramatic, humorous, and heartbreaking. You might not think you would be able to relate to a hitman who aspires to leave that life behind and become a famous actor, but Barry is going to change your mind.

4. He has the best taste in friends.

Whenever you see Bill, he’s hanging out with the most wholesome people in Hollywood like John Mulaney, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, and Kristen Wiig. Maybe he got lucky with the cast members he was able to meet through SNL — or maybe talented people attract talented people. (P.S. If you haven’t seen The Skeleton Twins, check it out immediately, but bring tissues.)

5. He’s just plain relatable.

Even though he won an Emmy last year for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series — and is nominated for seventeen more awards this year — it doesn’t seem like he’s let fame get to his head. He’s still as relatable as ever. He’s still someone you would love to grab a pizza with while watching old films. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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