I’m Slowly Learning A Lack Of Motivation Is The Most Dangerous Thing In The World

I’m Slowly Learning A Lack Of Motivation Is The Most Dangerous Thing In The World

I’m slowly learning it doesn’t matter how much talent is trapped inside your body because no one is ever going to know what you’re capable of unless you keep yourself motivated, unless you stick to a routine, unless you practice, practice, practice.

When you lack motivation, it’s easy to start slacking, to get lazy, to turn into a procrastinator.

When you lack motivation, it’s hard to convince yourself to care, to get off your butt, to spend your day doing anything at all productive.

If you don’t have the motivation to keep a relationship strong, then you’re going to stop planning dates and sending good morning messages and putting in the effort your person deserves.

If you don’t have the motivation to exercise, then you’re going to come up with excuses to put your workout off until tomorrow — or you’ll start working out and will lose steam halfway through.

If you don’t have the motivation to follow your dreams, then you’re going to assume you would fail anyway and will refuse to put yourself out there since you don’t see a point in trying.

I’m slowly learning, if you want to succeed, then you need to keep yourself motivated. You need to come up with reasons to keep trying. You need to leave your self-doubt at the door.

It’s normal for you to have off days where you’re unable to find any fucks to give, and it’s healthy to give yourself a break when you’re on the edge of burnout, but on average days you should do everything in your power to bring your motivation up, to seek out inspiration, to get yourself pumped about bettering yourself.

That might mean watching people you admire – athletes, actors, musicians, innovators. It might mean watching sports highlights or commencement speakers or Ted talks or reruns of your favorite television shows. It might mean getting inspired by inspiring people.

Or you might have to find your motivation by focusing on yourself, by looking back at your own accomplishments, by reminding yourself what you’re capable of achieving when you put in the effort. You might even want to keep a progress log so you can keep track of what you’ve done, how much you’ve grown, how proud you should be.

If you’re really struggling to find motivation in your everyday life, then you might need to start by getting help, by talking to someone, by visiting a therapist, by focusing on your mental health so you can get a handle on how to cope with your emotions and moods and desires. You might want to make your main goal treating your mental health as a priority, then develop more goals from there.

Even though it’s hard to summon up motivation when it’s so much easier to sit around and put off your problems until tomorrow, it’s dangerous to go too easy on yourself. It’s dangerous to let yourself live without motivation for too long. You have to put effort into your goals. You have to put effort into your future. You have to put effort into yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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