If Your Girlfriend Loves Halloween, Take Her On These Dates In October 2019

If Your Girlfriend Loves Halloween, Take Her On These Dates In October 2019

1. Get tickets to a midnight screening of a horror movie. Or, if that sounds too scary, see a fun, spooky cartoon like The Addams Family.

2. Take her to a haunted house — or a haunted corn maze where costumed characters jump out from the darkness.

3. Visit a psychic and have your tarot cards read, your aura read, or your palms read.

4. Play horror games together. It’s like watching a movie, except you’re involved in the action. You can try playing a classic like The Last Of Us, Silent Hill, or Until Dawn. Or you can play something more recent like Man of Medan or Blair Witch.

5. Head to the craft store to put together a couple’s costume for Halloween. Try Cosmo and Wanda, Harley and The Joker, or Eleven and Dustin.

6. Make decorations with cheap materials you find at the craft store or dollar store. Or skip a few steps and buy already made decorations at Target. Either way, you should use them to fill your apartment so your spooky vibes last throughout the entire month of October.

7. Take her on a coffee date so you can sip pumpkin spice lattes. You might even find a cafe that will create a ghost design in the foam!

8. Take a ghost tour somewhere in your town that claims to actually be haunted.

9. On the nights when you’re in the mood for a drink, make some spooky Halloween themed cocktails. You can even freeze fake spiders into your ice cubes!

10. Find a Halloween bar crawl near you. Then you don’t have to make your own drinks. You can simply dress up and hop from bar to bar.

11. Challenge her to a pumpkin carving contest. Then place both of your creations outside for kids to see while they’re trick or treating at the end of the month.

12. Bake Halloween themed desserts. You can shape rice krispies into the shape of pumpkins or bake brownies that look like tombstones — or create anything else you find on Pinterest.

13. Volunteer to work at a safe Halloween or a trunk or treat event in your town. Those are events where young children can trick or treat in a safe space instead of going door to door.

14. See if your city holds a zombie run marathon. That’s where you run from people dressed as zombies and hope they don’t catch up to you and steal the flag in your pocket. If they do, you get infected!

15. Create a Halloween playlist to listen to together. Make sure you include classics like The Monster Mash, This Is Halloween, and Love Potion Number 9. 

16. Light a bonfire in the backyard and make up scary stories to tell each other — or read from your old Goosebumps books.

17. Visit a carnival or a theme park that decorates for Halloween (like Disney, Universal, or Six Flags).

18. Stock up on candy and chow down on it while having a horror movie marathon on your couch.

19. Plan a Halloween party together with all of your friends. Make sure you buy a prize for best costume! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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