8 Song Selections You Didn’t Realize You Had To Make On Your Wedding Day

8 Song Selections You Didn’t Realize You Had To Make On Your Wedding Day

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to rely on your own, pre-made playlist from Spotify or whether you’re going to write out a list of song requests from your professional DJ. Either way, you’re going to need to make more song selections than your first dance. Here are a few more parts of the day you’re going to want to pick songs for:

1. Your pre-ceremony songs. While your family and friends are gathering in their seats, you don’t want them to hear crickets. You want them to hear music that gets them in the right mood for your ceremony. Maybe that means playing fun, themed music like Marry You and Chapel Of Love — or maybe it means a bunch of soft, sweet instrumentals.

2. Your processional songs. You don’t have to play the Wedding March anymore. You can pick whatever song you would like to hear while you’re walking down the aisle. You should also consider what songs you want your bridal party to walk down to before your arrival and make sure they flow together well.

3. Your recessional song. When you exit the ceremony for the first time as husband and wife (or wife and wife, or husband and husband) you need a song to help you celebrate! Maybe you want to pick something upbeat to get everyone on their feet or maybe you want something romantic to capture the mood. It’s your wedding and your choice.

4. Your grand entrance song. When your bridal party walks into the reception after the cocktail hour, you need a song that will help you get the party started! You also need a song to switch to when you and your person make your grand entrance, so you probably want to save your favorite for yourselves!

5. Your parent dance songs. You’ve probably already thought about the song that’s going to be playing during your first dance as newlyweds. But if you’re going to do some version of a father/daughter, mother/son dance, then you’re going to have to pick out appropriate songs for them too. You might even want to practice your dance steps.

6. Your first party song. If you trust your DJ, you can leave them in charge of this one, but you know your family and friends better than anyone else. You know what is going to get them onto the dance floor fast.

7. Your cake cutting song. Some people play silly songs while they’re cutting the cake like I Want Candy or Pour Some Sugar On Me. Other people keep it more traditional. Just keep in mind you should have something appropriate playing in the background during important activities. If you’re also going to be tossing garters and bouquets, then you should think about what song you want playing then as well.

8. Your last song. You want to end the party on the right note. Maybe you want to end with a bang and play the best song on your list so everyone dances their way home. Or maybe you want to close the night with one more sweet, slow song. Either way, you want it to be memorable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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