12 Dirt Cheap Guest Book Alternatives For Birthdays, Holidays, And Weddings

12 Dirt Cheap Guest Book Alternatives For Birthdays, Holidays, And Weddings

1. Puzzle pieces. Buy a plain, wooden puzzle and ask your guests to all sign separate pieces. After the party, you can stick the pieces together and glue them down so you have your own unique piece of art!

2. Messages in a bottle. All you really need for this guest book are a few sheets of paper and a bottle to stuff them inside. Even though it’s a super simple idea, it will look fancy — especially if you add some string to tie each message.

3. Thumbprint paintings. For this guest book alternative, all you need is a sheet of paper and a pad of ink. Ask your guests to leave their thumbprint on the paper and sign their name inside when it dries.

4. Jenga tiles. Dust off your old box of Jenga and spread the pieces out on the table with a marker. Ask everyone to sign their name and put up a handwritten sign saying, “Thank you for building memories with me.”

5. Wine bottles. If you’re going to be drinking wine at the party anyway, this guest book alternative won’t cost you any extra money. As long as you hunt down some paint pens or felt pens that are able to write on the bottle, you can have all of your guests sign their name on the glass.

6. A vase of stones. You can buy cute, decorative stones — or you can go searching for rocks out in the wild. Put them out for guests to sign with markers or paint. Then you can throw all the stones in a vase and use them to decorate any area of your house.

7. A globe. If you’re an adventurous type who is always traveling, you can ask your guests to sign a globe. You can either have them sign over a regular globe or you can do some DIY and cover it in paint so that the original design doesn’t get in the way of their signatures.

8. Popsicle sticks. Have your guests each write their names on a stick and place it in a jar. Or you can ask them to place something else on the stick, like book suggestions, date suggestions, or bucket list suggestions.

9. Postcards. If you have an old, spare mailbox, you can buy some cheap postcards or print some out on your own. Then you can ask your guests to write a little message to you on the card and stick them in the mailbox!

10. Your initials. If you go to the craft store, you can probably find wooden or cardboard letters. Find one that matches your initial (or if it’s your birthday, get numbers that match how old you’re turning) and have everyone sign that!

11. Corks. If you’re a big wine drinker, start collecting your corks. At your next party, you can ask your guests to sign their names on each one and then drop them in a jar.

12. Anything you could possible sign. You can ask your guests to sign a plate or a guitar or a slab of wood. Anything you have lying around the house might end up working out. You just have to get creative! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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