Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve Gets You In Trouble

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve Gets You In Trouble

Wearing your heart on your sleeve can cause people to make incorrect judgements about you. They might think you’re weak because you cry easily. They might think you’re dramatic because you get upset easily. They might think you’re childish because you say whatever hits your tongue without swallowing the words down. But those opinions don’t matter. You should be proud you’re courageous enough to speak your mind, to voice their thoughts. You should feel like you’re doing the right thing, no matter how many people swear you’re wrong.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve puts you in a vulnerable position. When you tell the world how you’re feeling, they can criticize you. They can reject you. They can shatter your soul. When your emotions are on display, you’re giving the world ammo to hurt you, but not everyone is going to take the bait. Not everyone is going to hurt you when they see an opportunity. Some people are going to comfort you. They’re going to understand you. They’re going to be relieved they’ve found someone like you, someone who tells hard truths.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve can make you come across as clingy, as too much. It can drive people away who aren’t ready for your brand of commitment. It can send them running in the other direction because they’re not as comfortable with their feelings as you are with yours. When you lose someone because of your exposed heart, it shouldn’t bother you too much because those people don’t deserve to be in your universe. They don’t deserve to be brightened by your soul. It might hurt to lose them now, but overall, it’s a good your emotions were able to weed them out before they hurt you deeper.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve makes other people uncomfortable. Most of the time, they would rather hear lies about how you’ve been doing fine than the truth about what you’ve been suffering through behind closed doors. Most of the time, they would rather play mind games and send mixed signals than hear firsthand about how you have strong, unwavering feelings for them.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is tough to do in the modern world when everyone expects you to act a certain way, to walk around with a mask, to lie on social media and in person. It’s hard to be the only one in the room who embraces honesty. It’s hard to uphold your whimsicalness when everyone around you is trying to get you to turn into as big as a skeptic as they are.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is going to make you stick out from the crowd. It’s going to get people talking. It’s going to make a statement — but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That doesn’t have to be something that make you embarrassed.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve might get you in trouble, but it’s worth the risk. It’s better to be your true, unapologetic, authentic self than it is to fit in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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