Leave Your Comfort Zone, Embrace Change, Risk Stepping Into The Unknown

Leave Your Comfort Zone, Embrace Change, Risk Stepping Into The Unknown

It’s hard to leave your comfort zone, to embrace change, to risk stepping into the unknown. Your courage could backfire on you. There’s a chance you’ll fail. But failure isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. Think of the alternative. Think about what would happen if you decided to stay exactly were you are right now, if nothing ever changed from this moment ten years from now. Would you be happy in the same exact place? Or would you be even more miserable than you would be if you took a risk and it didn’t pan out exactly as you planned?

You have to stop thinking about change as the scariest thing in the world — because the thought of never growing, never making forward momentum is much scarier.

As terrifying as it sounds to take a chance on yourself in the short-term, it might be more damaging for you to skip the risk in the long-term. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to trust yourself, to love yourself, to believe in yourself.

You have to trust that you have what it takes to succeed — and that you have the ability to cope with the fallout if things don’t end up going your way. You have to love yourself enough to say you are worthy of good things, you deserve to reach your dreams. You have to believe you’ve got this, even when your insecurities are trying to slow you down, even when you aren’t sure whether you have what it takes to succeed.

You might feel safe in your comfort zone right now, but one day that feeling isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to wish you took more risks. You’re going to wonder what could have happened if you chased after your dreams instead of settling for your safest option. You’re going to regret taking the easiest route because it always leads to the least fulfilling destination.

You have to remind yourself that your comfort zone might feel like the safest place in the world, but that feeling is deceiving. It’s much healthier to take risks in love, in your career, and on yourself. It’s much healthier to run after what you want.

If you allow yourself to stay in place forever, then you aren’t going to expand your horizons. You aren’t going to grow into a more beautiful, well-rounded version of yourself.

You cannot allow yourself to remain in your comfort zone because it feels like the timing to chase after your dreams is wrong — or because you’re stressed with other areas of your life and don’t want to add any extra pressure right now. You’ll always be able to come up with a new excuse if you look for one — so stop looking for one.

Stop finding reasons to remain in your comfort zone because it might feel cozy now — but it isn’t going to feel that way forever. Soon, it’s going to feel suffocating. Soon, it’s going to feel far less comfortable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark