Girls Want Honesty, Not Mind Games

Girls Want Honesty, Not Mind Games

Almost relationships aren’t my style. I don’t want to have to guess what you’re thinking. I don’t want to wonder whether I’m crazy for assuming you have feelings for me too. I don’t want to be left in the dark about what you want from me.

I want you to be blunt with me. I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me how you feel, regardless of whether it’s good or bad news. I don’t want you to dance around your feelings. I don’t want you to hint at whether you’re interested in dating me, interested in a casual fling, or are only interested in a friendship. I want you to be straight up about how you feel because there’s no point in playing mind games. It’s so much easier to say how we’re feeling than to make each other wonder.

As much as it would hurt to get rejected, I would rather get turned down by you than waste months trying to figure out whether you feel the same way about me. I hate guessing games. I hate not knowing what’s going on. I would rather have you be honest with me — even if it hurts, even if it means getting my heart shattered and my confidence deflated.

At least, if you turn me down, it gives me a reason to start getting over you. It gives me a reason to put some distance between us and to start looking around at my other options. If we’re trapped in an almost relationship, I’m not going to pursue other people. I’m going to have my heart set on dating you. I’m going to put all my eggs in one basket. I’m going to wait for you and hope you have the same idea.

Almost relationships are a complete waste of time. I don’t want to live in a fairy tale for a few months, assuming we’re going to end up living happily ever after. I would rather know the cold, harsh truth. I would rather know you’re not interested in me right off the bat so I don’t end up getting attached to you. After all, the longer it takes for me to figure out how you feel about me, the longer my feelings for you are growing and growing and growing. Finding out you don’t want me would hurt a lot more after months of chasing after you than it would in the beginning. That’s why I would rather know what you’re thinking from the start.

I would rather get rejected and cry about it for a few weeks than sit around wondering what might happen between us for a few months.

I would rather hear you admit you want nothing to do with me than waste my time chasing after you when you secretly want nothing to do with me.

I would rather know how you feel about me from the start than spend months assuming how you feel and find out I was wrong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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