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This Test Will Tell You Whether You’ll Find Your Forever Person

Have fun playing this choose your own adventure story!

1. A cute guy has made eye contact with you on the train each morning for months. Last week, you caught him reading your favorite novel and the week before that, you heard one of your favorite bands playing from his headphones. You feel like he’s your perfect match. Now that it’s almost summer and college is coming to an end, you’re worried you’re never going to see him again. What do you do?

Make eye contact with him the same as you do every other day and hope he walks over to start a conversation with you. (skip to 2)

Gather enough courage to walk over to him to start a conversation about how familiar he looks. (skip to 3) 

2. You keep making eye contact with him. You even manage to smile at him. But it isn’t enough to start a conversation. He gets off at his stop and you never see him again. YOUR LOVE STORY IS OVER.

3. When you tell him he looks familiar, he jokes about how many people mistake him for Ryan Reynolds. You joke back about how perfect that is because you keep getting mistaken for Blake Lively (which is extra funny since you look NOTHING alike). You talk for the entire ride about your favorite movies and your pets and your singleness. Your stop is coming up but you don’t want to leave him just yet. What do you do?

Stay on the train, even though it means skipping classes. (skip to 4)

Ask him for his number and promise to text him soon. (skip to 5) 

4. You keep talking until you reach the end of the line. Since you have no idea where you are, you shyly admit that you were supposed to get off at an earlier stop. He laughs because he did the same exact thing. Now that you’re both off schedule, you decide to hang out for the afternoon. What do you do?

Stop at the first coffee shop you find to continue your conversation from the train. (skip to 6)

Ask him to go skating with you since there’s an indoor rink right outside the train platform. (skip to 7)

5. You text him a few hours after meeting him just so he has your number too. You thought you sounded cool and casual, but he doesn’t answer within the first few days. You start freaking out. What do you do?

Add him on Instagram. That way, you aren’t double texting him, but you’re still letting him know you’re thinking about him. (skip to 8)

Assume he ghosted you, give up on him, and decide you’re going to be alone forever. (skip to 9)

6. You run into his ex-girlfriend at the coffee shop. She looks drop-dead gorgeous and humble brags about the promotion she got at Google where she makes more than your whole apartment complex costs. Your date ends up ignoring you to talk to her. Even after she leaves the shop, you can tell he’s still thinking about her. YOUR LOVE STORY IS OVER.

7. You fall on your ass in the middle of ice skating, but you’re not embarrassed around him. You’re able to laugh around him. To help you keep your balance, he holds onto your hand and guides you around the ice. You feel the butterflies. You feel the sparks. And you can tell he feels them too. What do you do?

Giggle and bite your lip, silently waiting for him to make the move. (skip to 9)

Make a joke about how you can tell he’s dying to kiss you. (skip to 10)

8. He texts you as soon as you add him on social media. He apologizes about not answering you the first time you messaged him and promises his schedule will be more open now that it’s summer. He tops it off by asking you on an official date. He lets you pick the place. What do you do?

Ask him out to coffee just in case the sparks aren’t as strong as you thought they were at first. (skip to 6)

Be a little adventurous and ask him to go ice skating with you to cool off from the heat. (skip to 7)

9. He assumes you aren’t interested in dating him and you assume the same. You end up in an almost relationship that lasts for months before he starts dating some other girl. YOUR LOVE STORY IS OVER.

10. He leans in close enough for you to smell his cologne and kisses you, right there on the ice. It’s the beginning of your love story. Every year on your anniversary, you visit the same ice rink to recreate your first date. Then you cuddle in bed and watch Deadpool or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Detective Pikachu — anything starring Ryan or Blake. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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