The Happiest Girls Are The Ones Who Give Themselves Praise

The Happiest Girls Are The Ones Who Give Themselves Praise

The happiest girls avoid tearing themselves apart. They avoid self-destruction. They avoid negative thinking. Sure, there are moments when their self-consciousness gets the best of them, but most of the time, they strive to stay positive. They focus at the good instead of dwelling on the bad.

The happiest girls are the ones who reward themselves after a hard workout or an even harder day at the office. They don’t let anyone belittle their accomplishments. They don’t care if someone else burned a few more calories than them or finished a little more paperwork than them. They don’t waste time comparing themselves to other people, because they realize the successes of others aren’t negative reflections of themselves.

The happiest girls are the ones who aren’t afraid to compliment themselves. They’re the ones who are able to admit when they look good, when they feel good, when they’ve done good. This doesn’t mean they’re cocky. They have insecurities, just like everybody else. But on their confident days, they don’t search for reasons to hate themselves, to bring themselves down. They smile wide and stand tall.

The happiest girls are the ones who understand their worth. They don’t sell themselves short. They don’t settle for less than they deserve. They don’t stick around toxic situations or engage with toxic people. They realize they deserve better than drama and games and stress. They deserve to be surrounded by people who bring out the best in them.

The happiest girls are the ones who give themselves praise. They’re the ones who stop every once in a while to look around at how much they’re accomplished. These girls aren’t fooled into thinking they’re failures. They know they’ve been doing well for themselves. They know their setbacks don’t define them. They know they should be proud of how far they’ve come since they were kids.

The happiest girls celebrate their accomplishments. They aren’t ashamed to upload a cute selfie or post about their promotion on social media. They aren’t worried about whether other people call them stuck up, selfish, full of themselves. These girls realize how rare it is to love themselves — so whenever they feel confident, they make the most of it. They bask in the feeling.

The happiest girls consider themselves strong. They realize how much courage and effort and energy it has taken them to reach their current place. They realize, after the hell they’ve been through, they could have easily led miserable lives. They could have closed themselves off and hid themselves away. But they decided to take a different path. They decided they weren’t going to let their bad days destroy them.

They happiest girls never gave up hope. They never lost faith in themselves. Even when they weren’t sure whether they were going to be able to make it through a hardship, they kept going. They kept marching on. And eventually, they made it where they are now.

The happiest girls put effort into loving themselves, pampering themselves, thanking themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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