Having Bad Taste In Boys Makes You Even More Insecure

Having Bad Taste In Boys Makes You Even More Insecure

When you have bad taste in boys, you might not recognize the pattern you’ve been repeating. You might not realize the problem is the boys you’ve been dating. You might wrongly assume the problem is you. 

You’ll wonder why you keep chasing everyone away. You’ll wonder why no one ever wants to commit to you. You’ll wonder why the only thing boys are interested in is a temporary stay.

When you have bad taste in boys, you question the clothes you wear, the stories you tell, the way you wear your hair and make-up. You second-guess everything because you can’t figure out what you’ve been doing wrong. You feel like there must be something you’re missing, there must be something you could be doing better.

When you have bad taste in boys, it’s easy to feel insecure about yourself, but you have to remember there’s nothing wrong with your looks or personality. The only problem is your standards. It’s who you allow into your world. It’s who you give permission into your heart.

You can’t control who catches your eye, but you can control where you direct your effort and attention. You can use your common sense to decide whether someone is worth a date instead of listening to your heart alone.

When you have bad taste in boys, you need to start being more selective. You need to keep an eye out for red flags. You need to be a little less trusting and a little more picky.

When you have bad taste in boys, you’re going to feel heartbroken ninety-nine percent of the time. Someone is either ghosting you, using you, or getting into an almost relationship with you. It makes you feel like you’re worthless, like you’re completely and utterly unlovable.

Of course, that’s not true at all. It’s not your fault if a guy is unable to see how beautiful you are, what a good girlfriend you would make, how lucky he is to know you. It’s not your fault if someone else treats you poorly, but it’s your job to leave. It’s your job to decide you don’t deserve such unfair treatment.

When you have bad taste in boys, you have to learn to listen to your head as much as your heart. You have to learn to avoid temptation. You have to learn to stay away from anyone who sets off warning alarms even though they’re cute and you can’t get them out of your thoughts.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about having such bad taste in boys. It doesn’t mean you’re gullible or shallow or stupid. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It only means you’ve been looking in the wrong places for love and need to search somewhere new.

When you have bad taste in boys, it’s easy to assume you’re the problem, but you have to remember the boys you’re choosing to chase are the problem. You’re a catch. There’s nothing wrong with you. You only need to raise your standards a little higher. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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