23 Reminders For Girls Who Are Holding A Grudge 

23 Reminders For Girls Who Are Holding A Grudge 

1. You don’t have to forgive anyone. You don’t have to give anyone a second chance.

2. Cutting someone out of your world does not make you a bad person.

3. Doing what’s best for your own mental health is not selfish

4. Everyone goes through the healing process differently. Everyone mends at their own pace.

5. It’s not your fault someone else treated you poorly. Don’t blame yourself for their bad behavior.

6. The people who are looking at you like the bad guy don’t have the whole story. They only know bits and pieces.

7. You don’t have to forgive this person in order to accept with happened with this person and move on from this person.

8. Your response is not childish. It takes strength and maturity to walk away from a toxic situation.

9. It’s natural to feel conflicting emotions, to hate this person and still love this person at the same time.

10. You’re allowed to hold a grudge. Others might call you stubborn or bitter or immature, but you are entitled to your feelings. Your opinion in valid.

11. You don’t have to spend time with anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. You don’t have to play nice and take the high road simply because it’s the most polite route to take.

12. You shouldn’t allow your anger at one person ruin your entire day, week, month, year. Don’t give them that much power over you.

13. Sometimes, holding grudges can be a bad thing. Other times, it can be a helpful reminder not to waste your energy on someone who has hurt you time and time again.

14. There are going to be people who choose the other person‘s side. There are going to be people who look at you like some horrible person. You can’t let them bother you. You can’t let them matter.

15. Sometimes, love isn’t a good enough reason to stick around.

16. Even though you hate the way the situation ended, there’s nothing you can do to change what happened in the past. You can only focus on how you handle yourself — and who you surround yourself with — in the future.

17. It’s possible to miss someone while realizing you’re better off without them in your world. It’s possible to love someone while realizing they were bad for you.

18. There are healthier ways to deal with your anger than screaming and cursing and throwing things. You can manage your darkest emotions in safe, controlled ways.

19. You’re not weird for being upset about something years after it happened. If someone really hurt you, that pain might never go away entirely. Your wounds might reopen every time you hear their name.

20. You’re strong for sticking up for yourself. You’re strong for putting them in their place. You’re strong for walking away from them.

21. Losing someone is always hard, even when that person was clearly a drain on you.

22. You should only surround yourself with people who give you reasons to smile, to believe in yourself, to love yourself.

23. You deserve respect. You deserve to be treated with love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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