When You Love Someone, Spending Time Apart Sucks

When You Love Someone, Spending A Long Time Apart Sucks

Throughout a strong, loving relationship, you should maintain your independence. You should feel comfortable spending a weekend apart. You should have your own separate lives.

You shouldn’t spend every waking second glued to your forever person — but at the same time, you shouldn’t feel bad about crying your eyes out when they’re away for longer than you’d like.

Even though you realize the distance isn’t going to kill you, it is going to hurt you.

When you love someone, spending a long time apart from them sucks. A text or video call just doesn’t cut it. It’s not enough to see them on a screen. You want them physically there with you. You want to be able to lean your head on their shoulder. You want to be able to reach across the couch for their hand. You want to be able to turn your head and see them next to you.

When you love someone, you get used to having them around. They become part of your routine. They become your best friend. They’re the person you want to share a coffee with in the morning, the person you want to complain to after work, the person you want to roll toward when you have a nightmare. No one else could take their place, no one else could ever substitute.

When you love someone, every little thing makes you think of them — and sometimes you’ll forget they aren’t right there with you. You’re so used to having them around that you’ll assume they’re in the room. You’ll find yourself saying things like we and us even when you’re alone because you’re used to living life as a team.

When you love someone, you have to rearrange your entire routine when you spend a long time without them. Usually you eat together. Usually you watch TV together. Usually you fall asleep together. Without them around, you have to figure out a brand new routine. You have to change almost every aspect of your life because, without them, everything changes.

When you love someone, missing them is more than an emotional pain. Your heart physically aches. Your stomach hurts. Your heart races. You have a physical reaction to being apart from them. You love them so much you become sick when they are away for too long.

Even though you know you’re going to get through your time without them, even though you’re an independent soul who can survive on their own, life is simply better when your person is by your side. You have the most fun when they’re in the room with you. Movies are funnier. Songs are sweeter. Games are more exciting.

When you love someone, spending a long time apart sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. After all, you know your person isn’t going anywhere. You know they aren’t going to do anything sketchy while you’re away. You know they’re going to be right there when you get back. You know your love can withstand anything, even distance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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