Love Someone Loyal

Love Someone Loyal

Love someone who uninstalls their dating apps as soon as your relationship turns official, not someone who keeps backup plans around in case you break up, someone who already has an exit plan because they are assuming your relationship is going to end sometime soon.

Love someone who casually asks you to grab their phone when you are the one sitting closer to it because they have nothing on there to hide, not someone who tilts the screen away whenever they answer texts because there is a name they are hoping you won’t see on their notifications.

Love someone who changes their relationship status, posts pictures of the two of you, and wears the ring you bought them whenever they leave the house, not someone who ‘forgets’ to mention they’re in a relationship whenever someone attractive approaches them so they can get away with flirting for a little while.

Love someone who comes home at the time they promised and calls you as soon as they realize they are going to be late, not someone who leaves you waiting and wondering where they have been all night, someone who forgets your existence as soon as you leave the room.

Love someone who looks you in the eyes and gives you straight answers whenever you have questions about where they were or who they were hanging out with late at night, not someone who dodges topics, gets defensive, and turns the situation around so you look like the bad guy for asking a simple question.

Love someone who considers you the most gorgeous person in any room, not someone who compares you to others, someone who insults you, someone who constantly comments on how they wish you would change your clothes or your weight or your hair.

Love someone who gives you constant reminders you are the only one they want, not someone who makes you question whether you are wanted, whether you are only temporary, whether you are competing against their other options.

Love someone who prides themselves on their honesty and promises to tell you everything, not someone whose stories are littered with plot holes, someone whose explanations never seem to add up, someone who gives white lies instead of the whole truth.

Love someone who reassures you and compromises with you whenever you start feeling jealous about a friend or coworker they are spending too much time with, not someone who brushes away your jealousy right away and accuses you of overreacting, of being dramatic, of acting crazy.

Love someone who means it when they say they are never going to hurt you, someone whose actions and words match, not someone who says what you want to hear in order to avoid an argument and then turns around and acts single when left alone.

Love someone who makes you feel comfortable, safe, and loved at all times, not someone who makes you worry you are going to be cheated on, lied to, and abandoned. Love someone who you trust wholeheartedly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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