For All The Girls Who Overthink And Overlove

For All The Girls Who Overthink And Overlove

You cannot send a text without reading what you wrote three times.

You cannot leave the house for a first date without changing your outfit three times.

It takes you a long time to come to a decision because you want it to be the right decision. 

You struggle to enjoy the moment. You are not the type of person who has a blast at parties. You are the person who rushes around, making sure everyone is well-fed and having a fun time.

You might hate yourself for overthinking. You might consider it one of your biggest flaws. You might wish you were more laidback and able to go with the flow.

Even though your overthinking might cause you more stress than you deserve, it is not entirely a bad thing. It comes from a good place.

The reason you overthink is because you overlove.

When you meet someone who captures your heart, you cannot invest halfway. You cannot give them a little bit. You give them everything. You make them a priority. You put all of your effort into making them happy.

You are a people pleaser. That is why you spend so much time overthinking what to say to your person, where to meet up with your person, what gifts to buy your person, how to impress your person.

You will do anything for the ones you love. Your main goal is to make them happy. You care more about whether they are enjoying themselves than whether you are enjoying yourself.

You love hard. You love without holding anything back.

You take relationships seriously. You are not into anything casual. You want a real love. A lifetime love.

The reason you overthink is because you care too much. You want to send the perfect text because you care about making the other person smile when they read the words. You want to plan the perfect date because you care about giving the other person a good time.

You don’t want to waste anyone’s time. You don’t want to give them less than they deserve. You want to pamper them. You want to spoil them.

You overthink because you care even more than you would ever admit.

Of course, sometimes, your overthinking can take a turn for the worst. It can make you feel like you are inadequate. It can make you question yourself. It can make you feel like everything you do is wrong.

You might hate your overthinking for making you worry whether you are boring, whether you are annoying, whether you are not good enough. Part of your overthinking has to do with insecurity. It has to do with needing to love, respect, and accept yourself more.

But the other half has to do with overloving. You never do anything halfway. You never like someone a tiny bit. You love them with every little piece of you. You love them more than you love yourself. And when you love someone that much, you want to love them right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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