What Sexual Tension Means (Because It's More Than Lingering Hugs And French Kisses)

What Sexual Tension Means (Because It’s More Than Lingering Hugs And French Kisses)

Sexual tension means you can be having a completely innocent conversation — about the weather or a television show you both watched the night before — but you still feel the attraction between the two of you. You can tell by the way you look at each other. You can tell by the rasp of your voices. You can tell by the way your bodies are positioned and the way your heartbeat is picking up speed. Even though the words being spoken are completely harmless, there is a subtext you can both sense.

Sexual tension means every single touch is electric, no matter how small. You could accidentally touch hands while exchanging a pen. You could brush your shoulder against theirs while sitting side-by-side. You could hardly touch for a fraction of a second but it will feel like fireworks are flashing. With them, it takes much less than a kiss to set you off. All it takes is a hug. A handshake. A look.

Sexual tension means you feel like you are the only two people in the room, even when you are surrounded by others. Even if you are in the middle of a conversation with someone else, you will keep meeting their eyes. You will keep sharing secret glances. You will keep acknowledging each other, even when there are a million other people vying for your attention. No matter how much you are enjoying yourself, you will keep thinking about how you wish you were alone with them, you wish you were the only two in the room.

Sexual tension means silences are heated. You won’t have to say a word in order to get your point across. You will stare deep into their eyes. You will lick your lips. You will glance at their lips. You will be able to tell, from body language alone, how badly you both want each other. Your feelings will be obvious. It will be written all over your faces.

Sexual tension means every exchange — even the ones over text — is layered. You can tell they want you by their word choice, by their emojis, by their tone. They might not be straightforward about wanting to press you against a wall and kiss you, but you will get the idea by the way you banter back and forth. There will be a secondary conversation hidden beneath the original one. There will be unspoken words you can both sense.

Sexual tension means everyone in the room can tell there is something between you. They will say things like you bicker like an old married couple or get a room. They will walk away to give you two some time together. Strangers will realize how you feel about each other within seconds, even if you haven’t admitted it to each other yet.

Sexual tension means you are attracted to each other. It means you cannot wait to get each other alone. It means you should probably make a move because both of you are dying for that first kiss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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