If He Does These 9 Things Over The Holidays, He Is Your Forever Person

If He Does These X Things Over The Holidays, He Is Your Forever Person

1. He spends time with your family — without complaining. If you care about someone, he cares about them too. That is why he never whines about taking a trip to see your parents or aunts or cousins. He wants to make you happy because your smile is his favorite thing to see. Of course, he also invites you to spend time with his family because he wants to show you off. He wants to make you feel included. He wants to integrate you into the family.

2. He puts a lot of thought into your presents. Even if he doesn’t have much money to spend, you would never notice, because he puts a lot of thought into your presents. He doesn’t throw candles and gift cards at you. He buys (or makes) you sentimental gifts. Gifts that show he has been paying attention. Gifts that prove he is willing to put effort into your relationship.

3. He respects your holiday traditions. Even if he is not the biggest fan of the holidays, he agrees to follow the traditions you’ve had since childhood. He will hang ornaments with you. He will drive through town to look at lights with you. He will go ice skating with you. He will do whatever it takes to make the holiday season special for you.

4. He shows appreciation for you. When you give him a gift or bake him cookies, he does not take the gesture for granted. He realizes how lucky he is to have you in his world — and he voices that opinion frequently. He never lets you feel neglected. He never lets you feel unappreciated.

5. He lends a hand in the kitchen. He does not leave you to do all the work. If you are planning on having company, he will help you cook and clean and wrap presents. He will make sure you are not overly stressed because you deserve to enjoy the holidays as much as anybody else.

6. He asks you to be his plus-one. Whether his friends are throwing a holiday party or his company is throwing one, he invites you to come along with him. He wants you right there by his side. He wouldn’t have as much fun without you.

7. He helps you decorate. He does not make excuses when you ask him for help decorating the house. He is happy to assist. If you ask, he will string lights in the front of the house. He will chop down a tree. He will hang mistletoe. He will help make the house feel Christmassy.

8. He spends quality time with you. Whether you are snuggled on the couch to watch Christmas movies or are constructing a gingerbread house together, he makes sure you have plenty of holiday fun together.

9. He makes this season the happiest time of the year. You might be stressed about purchasing presents and seeing extended family and finishing up projects before the new year, but he helps you relax. He is the reason why the holidays feel so special. With him, it’s impossible for you to be a grinch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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