13 Signs You Wish You Were Dating Someone Different

If any of these things are true, you are dangerously close to cheating (some would say you are already emotionally cheating), which means it’s time for your relationship to end.

13 Signs You Wish You Were Dating Someone Different

1. You find yourself comparing your partner to this other person. You wish your partner would dress more like this other person. You wish your partner would listen as well as this other person. You wish your partner would give you as much attention as this other person.

2. You are more excited to see this other person than you are to see your partner. This other person makes you laugh harder. They make you smile wider. They make you feel good about yourself. Meanwhile, when you see your partner, your reaction is meh.

3. You have stopped dressing to impress your partner. You only dress up, do your hair, and apply your finest perfume when you are planning on seeing this other person. You want to look good for them. You want to feel your most attractive when they are in the room.

4. You spend more time talking to this other person. They are the first one you tell about good news and the first one you complain to about bad news. You would rather confide in them than your partner. In fact, lately, they know more about you than your partner does.

5. You get excited when you see this other person’s name on your phone. You always answer them back within seconds. Meanwhile, when your partner’s name pops up instead, you are a teensy bit disappointed and take your time answering.

6. Compliments from this other person mean more. When your partner compliments you, it rolls right off your back. But when this other person compliments you, you end up glowing for the entire day.

7. During sex, this other person pops into your head. It might not be for long, but they will make an appearance.

8. You are in a better mood around this other person. When you are with your partner, you snap easily. You always have something to complain about. But when you are with this other person, your mood enhances. The only thing you complain about with this other person is your relationship. Otherwise, you are all smiles.

9. You wonder what would have happened if you met this other person first. Would you be dating? Engaged? Married? You fantasize about the possibilities more often than you would like to admit.

10. You put more energy into your friendship with this other person than into your actual relationship. You would never want to hurt this other person. Meanwhile, you have no problem hurting your partner.

11. You feel like time with your partner is wasted time. On date nights, you are not excited to spend quality time with your partner. You are bored. You wish you were somewhere else. With someone else.

12. You talk about this other person to your friends. You cannot help yourself. You have more nice things to say about this other person than about your partner.

13. You cannot stop thinking about this other person. Your mind keeps wandering back to them for a reason. Because you are unhappy in your current relationship. Because your current relationship needs to end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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