You Should Be Fighting For Each Other, Not Against Each Other

You Should Be Fighting For Each Other, Not Against Each Other

Your boyfriend should be your teammate. Your rock. Your support system. He should be the one person you can trust when your life turns upside down. He should be on your side. And you should be on his side.

You should be facing obstacles together. You should be working toward a better future together. You should be consulting each other and bouncing ideas off each other.

He should be someone you can always count on for support when you want to leap from your comfort zone and take a risk. You should not be afraid to mention an idea to him because you assume he will shut it down immediately. You should not settle into an average existence because you know he would be annoyed if you suggested moving across the country or quitting your job.

If you two are meant to spend forever together, then you should be fighting for each other, not against each other.

If you are always at odds, butting heads, arguing over the most mundane details of your life, then you are wasting your time. You should not remain in a relationship where you constantly have to defend yourself, where you have to argue your point, where you feel like you are on opposing teams.

You are supposed to be working toward your goals together — even if they are individual goals. If you want to reach a certain milestone in your career, he should be encouraging you when the little voice in the back of your head gets the best of you. If he wants to take on his own goals, you should be there to support him every step of the way.

Soulmates are teammates. Your boyfriend is meant to help you reach your fullest potential, not hold you in place without the opportunity for growth. He is meant to encourage your dreams, not squash them until you change your mind. He is meant to make your future brighter, not dimmer than planned.

You should be on the same page with your person. You should be fighting the same battles.

You are not supposed to be on opposite sides of a wrestling ring, ready to tear each other apart over the smallest inconvenience. You are supposed to be collaborating. You are supposed to be working together to build the best future possible, not only for your relationship as a whole, but for the two of you as individuals.

If he does not support your passions, if he convinces you to stop working toward your dreams, then you need to resume your search for your forever person. He is clearly not the one for you if he fights you on every decision you make, if he refuses to listen to your desires, if he convinces you to change your mind and your morals.

If you are fighting against each other, it might be time to hang up the towel. But if you are fighting alongside each other, then you have double the chances of succeeding. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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