You Are Allowed To Have A Change Of Heart

You Are Allowed To Have A Change Of Heart

If you are unhappy, make a change. You are not obligated to keep working the same job, kissing the same lips, drinking with the same friends, living in the same bedroom.

You are allowed to twist and turn your path. You do not have to keep moving forward, toward the destination you set your eyes on after high school. You are allowed to change your direction. You are allowed to decide what you wanted back then does not match what you want now.

You are constantly evolving. You are eternally growing into slightly different versions of yourself.

Since you are never remaining stagnant, since it is impossible to stay in the same place forever physically and emotionally, you might have a change of heart somewhere down the line. And that is perfectly normal. That should not be feared. That should be embraced.

Change is scary but it is necessary for your development. It will strengthen you. It will enlighten you. It will reset the path of your life.

You are allowed to switch majors, even though you might have to tack an extra year onto your education. You are allowed to switch career paths, even though you might have to suffer from a pay cut. You are allowed to give up on one journey in order to begin a fresh one.

You never know where the universe is going to take you. Planning out your entire future while you are young is unrealistic. Even though the pressure to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life starts long before graduation, you should not psych yourself out. You should not assume you are behind because you are still trying to figure out what you want from this world.

Your friends might seem like they have everything together, but they are just as lost as you. They are just as insecure. Some people are better at faking than others but you are all in the same boat.

You are doing your best and hoping to find happiness along the way.

Despite what you have been told, you are allowed to be confused at this time in your life. Even adults are scrambling to find their purpose — but your path will gradually become clearer as you age. Not only that, your passions will change over time. What you want will change. The same things that brought you happiness five years ago might not bring you happiness today. And that is okay.

You are allowed to have a change of heart. You are allowed to admit the future you have been chasing is not the right one. You are allowed to pick a new path at any point in your life. It is not too late. You are not passed the point of changing. 

You are allowed to quit your career or break up with your person or leave your town. You are allowed to say goodbye to the life you have been working towards and create a brand new one.  An even better one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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