When You Love A Woman, You Respect Her Emotions

When You Love A Woman, You Respect Her Emotions

When you are in love with a woman, you should never accuse her of being overly emotional. You should never ask her if she is on her period when she expresses hurt or anger. You should never act like she is bothering you with her feelings.

When you accuse her of overreacting, it sounds like you don’t want to hear about her problems. It sounds like you are making excuses so you don’t have to have a serious conversation with her. It sounds like you are invalidating her feelings because you have a completely different opinion you value more than hers.

If you think she is overreacting, you probably aren’t looking at the situation from her point of view. You might be hearing what she is saying but you are not listening closely enough. You are not climbing inside of her head and trying to see where she is coming from.

Even if you understand her side of the story and still believe she is overreacting, you should never tell her how to feel. If you use phrases like calm down and it’s not that big of a deal then you are going to chase her away.

Even worse, she might stick around, but she will close herself off. She will raise her guard. She will stop telling you how she feels because she will worry you are going to judge her again.

If you hate it when she says she is fine when it is clear something has been bothering her, then you cannot minimize her emotions when she is vulnerable with you. You cannot brush away her complaints. You cannot treat her emotions like a joke.

If you act like she does not have the right to be upset or angry or excited, then fine is all you are ever going to get from her. She is never going to give you any details. She is going to deal with the pain on her own.

You never want your person to feel this way. You want her to feel like she can come to you with any problems. You want to be her shoulder to cry on. You want to be the one she runs to with good news and bad news.

You don’t want her to purposely hide things from you in fear of coming on too strong. You don’t want her to censor herself around you to avoid fights. You don’t want her to bottle up her emotions because she thinks that is what you want her to do.

If you are in love with her, then you will want her to express her emotions. You will want her to open up to you. You will want her to wear her heart on her sleeve.

When you are in love with a woman, you will not tell her how to feel. You will not act like she is being silly or psycho for feeling the way she feels. You will respect her emotions. You will remind her they are valid. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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