Leaving Me Would Be Better Than Cheating On Me

Leaving Me Would Be Better Than Cheating On Me

I don’t want a relationship where I am suspicious of you. I don’t want to watch you flip your phone upside down when I enter the room and add a passcode just in case you leave it behind when you run to the bathroom.

I don’t want to wonder who you are texting. I don’t want to guess whether you are lying about your reasons for coming home late. I don’t want to be on the constant lookout for signs you are cheating.

I don’t want to deal with the baggage that comes with you cheating on me. I don’t want to feel disrespected by someone who is supposed to love me. I don’t want an extra layer of trust issues thrown onto the pile I already have.

I would rather have you do the mature, adult thing and leave me before you come close to acting unfaithful. I would rather have you rip the Bandaid off right this second than continue dating me while flirting with others behind my back.

A breakup would hurt. Watching you move on would hurt. Seeing you post pictures with another girl would hurt. But it would not hurt nearly as bad as knowing you were with her half of the time you were supposed to be with me and only me.

I never signed up for an open relationship. I never agreed to share your heart. If you cannot give me every single sliver, then take the entire thing away. I would rather watch you leave than have you sit beside me wishing you were gone.

I’m not interested in being a backup plan — but I’m not interested in being your first priority either if your second priority is another woman. I should be enough for you. You should not be looking for comfort outside from me.

You don’t get to kiss me along with somebody else on the side. You don’t get to be in a relationship on weekdays while acting single on weekends. You get to choose one or the other. You have to make a decision — and it should not be a difficult one.

If you are even thinking about choosing another person over me, honestly, I would rather have you leave. I would rather have you walk away with a quick goodbye. I would rather have you out of my world forever. I would move on faster than way.

I never want to date someone who questions whether our relationship is a good idea. I never want to love someone who is unable to love me back with the same strength.

Whether you leave me or cheat on me, you are going to hurt me, so you might as well do it in the most respectful way possible. You might as well handle my heart gently by telling me it is over.

I would rather have you leave me than cheat on me. I would rather have you break my heart the old fashioned way than pretend you care about me when you are already invested in someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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