Forgive Yourself For Falling Behind

Forgive Yourself For Falling Behind

Maybe you are unhappy with the lack of milestones you have reached at this point in your life. Maybe you are kicking yourself for risks you failed to take and opportunities you allowed to pass by. Maybe you feel like you are falling too far behind to catch up and are never going to reach success.

Maybe you are being too hard on yourself. Or maybe you are not being hard enough on yourself. Either way, you have to remember you are not done reaching. You are not done growing. You still have time to chase after your dreams and shape yourself into any form you please.

In order to move forward, you first have to accept the past. You have to forgive yourself for the times when you procrastinated, the times when you came up short, the times when you half-assed your work because you were not in the mood to exert your full effort.

You have to forgive yourself for the moments when you quit because you were frustrated, when you took shortcuts because you were feeling lazy, when you decided to spend the night drinking until you blacked out instead of working until you passed out.

Forgive yourself for failing to reach your own personal expectations. Forgive yourself for taking longer to reach certain goals than you had hoped. Forgive yourself for feeling like you could have done more.

But do not let it happen again.

Do not let lazy streaks continue. Do not let your procrastination take control of you. Do not allow your bad habits to follow you into your future.

Accepting the mistakes you made yesterday does not mean you should repeat those mistakes tomorrow. If you want to move forward in your career, if you want to reach success, if you want to feel proud of yourself at the end of each day, then you need to put in the effort. You need to put in the hours. You cannot close your eyes and hope you will get what you want. You have to run after it. You have to work your ass off to achieve it.

Forgive yourself for falling behind because you cannot change what has already happened. You have to accept the choices you made thus far. You have no control over your past but you have complete control over the actions you take in the future.

You can reach the milestones you feel like you have missed — but only if you make a change to your routine, only if you decide you are not going to give up this time around.

Stop waiting until tomorrow to kickstart your ideas. Stop psyching yourself out by claiming you are never going to make it. Stop doubting yourself out of fear of the unknown.

If you want to make yourself proud, you have to forgive yourself for the things you have not accomplished yet. Let go of your baggage. Destroy your doubts.

Accept what happened in the past but raise your standards for the future. You are capable of great things. Go prove it to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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