Your Forever Person Should Bring Out The Best In You

Your Forever Person Should Bring Out The Best In You
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Do not mistake passion for love. Screaming your lungs out at someone, throwing dishes, spewing curses, and threatening to hurt yourself are not signs of healthy love. You might blame your extreme emotions on loving them too much and caring too much — but the truth is, your forever person will bring out the best in you. Not the worst.

Your forever person will encourage you to be a better person. They will inspire your growth. They will motivate you to make improvements to your world.

This does not mean your forever person is going to push you to your limits. They are not going to make demands. They are not going to give you ultimatums. They are not going to complain about how they wish you would change this or that about yourself.

Your forever person is going to be happy with you exactly the way you are. They are going to encourage your dreams, support your decisions, and accept your shortcomings.

But, since you love them so much, since you want to give them the best life possible, you are going to work on bettering yourself. You are going to become the best possible version of yourself because you believe that is what they deserve.

You might not even realize you are striving to be better. It will just happen. You will express your emotions more. You will communicate better. You will give more affection. You will slowly learn how to trust. As a team, you two will be able to accomplish anything.

Of course, there will also be bad times. Times when your person sees you at your lowest. Times when they watch you crumble and fail. But when that happens, they will give you the strength to stand on your feet again.

Your forever person will continuously give you reasons to keep going, to try again, to believe in yourself. They will support everything you do, paving the way for your successes.

Your forever person will never doubt you. During the moments when you consider giving up, they will not say I told you so. They will not be excited about your unhappiness. They will not rub your mistakes in your face.

They will give you a pep talk to remind you of what you are capable of achieving. They will put things into perspective for you. They will remind you of your value when you have forgotten. They will let you know they have your back no matter what.

Your forever person is going to help you grow — and you are going to help them grow. You will be a safety net for each other. You will be a place of peace. You will be the reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

Your forever person will not draw out your toxic traits. They will not make you afraid of who you are turning into. They will bring out the best in you. They will assist you on your journey of self-love and self-discovery. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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