You Treat Every Girl Like This

You Treat Every Girl Like This
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I am not an exception. I am not your priority. I am smart enough to realize you treat every girl like this.

You compliment them. You call them cute. You lie about how they are the only girl you are texting. You manipulate them into falling for you but you never fall hard for them because your attention is in several places at once. You are a multitasker. A player.

There are a million names on your phone. Your screen is always flashing with notifications. You will go out with one girl while you are messaging another. You will fall asleep to one girl while you are snapchatting someone else.

You are never satisfied. One person, one heart, one body is not enough for you. You need more, more, more.

Even though you have captured the hearts of plenty of girls, even though you have tricked them into feeling like you are the one for them, you do not have strong, serious feelings for any of them. You are not interested in dating any of them. You would rather keep your options open.

Of course, there are some girls you like better than others. There are certain ones you will ask out first when your weekend is free and if they are busy you will resort to your other options. There is a hierarchy but that doesn’t mean the girl at the top is any better off than the girl at the bottom. You are going to break all of their hearts.

You are not the kind of person to settle down young. You are the kind of person who makes excuses about not being ready for a relationship in a way that makes girls think they still have a chance if they play their cards right. They all want to be the one to change your mind. They think they have a fighting chance but they don’t know you as well as I know you.

You never dwell on one girl for too long. You never let things become too deep. You keep your distance but you never wander too far away because you do not want them to say screw you and walk away. You want to keep them on the hook. You want them to come running when you call.

You are not the kind of guy who will bring me a happily ever after. You are the kind of guy who will forget my name a few months after we kiss for the first time.

I like the attention you give me but it would be stupid for me to assume I’m the only one getting that kind of attention. I am not the one. I am one of many. You treat every girl like this. You flirt with them. You kiss them. You sleep with them. And then you grow bored and move onto the next person.

You are a heartbreaker — but there is no chance you are going to break mine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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