You Don’t Deserve Him

You Don't Deserve Him
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You don’t deserve him — and it’s not because you are unattractive. It’s not because of the awkward way you smile in pictures. It’s not because the size of your waist is too big and the size of your chest is too small. It’s not because you can never get your eyeliner to match and can never get your teeth as white as girls in commercials.

You don’t deserve him — and it’s not because you are too clingy or because you come on too strongly or because you feel too much. It’s not because you sent a text back ten minutes too early. It’s not because you complimented him when you should have been playing hard to get. It’s not because you made your feelings for him obvious and scared him away when you should have been acting cool.

You don’t deserve him — and it’s not because he is out of your league. It’s not because you are nothing in comparison to the rest of the girls who like him. It’s not because he has a million other options so why on earth would he choose you?

You don’t deserve him — and it’s not for the reasons you tell yourself. Stop tearing yourself apart because none of those nasty things you have been saying about yourself are true. You are not ugly. You are not average. You are not unlovable. You are beautiful. You are exceptional. You are more than enough.

The reason you don’t deserve him is because he is the kind of person who will take your soft heart for granted. He will not appreciate everything you do for him. He will take and take without stopping for a thank you. He will zap your energy from you until you are nothing more than a shell. He will use your kindness against you. He will take advantage of how giving you are and how much you care about him. He will manipulate you into giving him everything he wants. He will not feel guilty about the nights you cry over him because you will always come back the next morning and that is all that matters to him. Control.

You don’t deserve him because he is the kind of person who struggles to see true beauty. You will not reach your potential when you are around him because he will make you doubt your own worth. He will view you as inferior and cause you to start thinking of yourself in the same way. He will thwart your self-esteem. He will block your path toward enlightenment. He will shatter your confidence to make sure you stick around because if you had higher standards you would not bother with him.

You don’t deserve him because you are better off without him. His kisses and cuddles will not make up for all of the midnight arguments and jealous rants he will expose you to. As hard as this is for you to hear, he is not the one for you.

You don’t deserve him because you deserve so much more than him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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