The Best Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix This October

Whether you want a scary movie to watch while you snuggle up with your person — or something to watch with your friends while you stuff yourselves with Halloween candy — these are the best horror movies streaming on Netflix this October.

The Voices

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick star in this surprisingly bloody movie about a man who believes he has the ability to talk to animals. It begins as a seemingly normal love story, but as soon as he gets stood up on a date, his evil cat convinces him to murder her.

Length: 1 hour, 43 mins

Watch this if you liked: Life After Beth, Cooties, Zombieland

Memorable quote: “Being alone in the world is the root of all suffering.”


When Karen Gillan’s brother comes home from a mental institution, she shows him a mirror she believes is responsible for the deaths of their mother and father. Together, they try to destroy it before it destroys even more of their family.

Length: 1 hour, 44 mins

Watch this if you liked: Insidious, The Quiet Ones, Sinister

Memorable quote: “I’ve met my demons and they are many. I’ve seen the devil, and he is me.”

The Babadook

After a woman’s husband meets a violent end, she is stuck raising their son on her own. However, this becomes difficult once he starts fearing a monster that is lurking in their home.

Length: 1 hour, 33 mins

Watch this if you liked: Oculus, It Follows, Housebound

Memorable quote: “You are nothing. You’re nothing! This is my house! You are trespassing in my house! If you touch my son again, I’ll fucking kill you!”

The Shining

Based on the horror book by Stephen King, a father takes his wife and child to an isolated hotel. Something sinister slowly pushes him toward violence while his son deals with psychic visions of the future and snippets from the past.

Length: 2 hours, 26 mins

Watch this if you liked: Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby, Misery

Memorable quote: “Here’s Johnny!”

It Follows

After a sexual encounter, a woman is haunted by visions and the sense someone is following her. She learns this ‘thing’ was transferred to her during sex and the only way she can escape it is to transfer it to someone else.

Length: 1 hour, 40 mins

Watch this if you liked: The Guest, The Innkeeper, The Witch

Memorable quote: “It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.”

Cult Of Chucky

When a woman is accused of murdering her family and sent away to an asylum where Chucky terrorizes her, she realizes the doll, which she originally assumed was an illusion, might actually be real.

Length: 1 hour, 31 mins

Watch this if you liked: The Call Of Cthulhu, Wish Upon, The Wolf Man

Memorable quote: “Ok, let me explain something to you. I am a vintage, mass marketed children’s toy from the ’80s, standing right in front of you, holding a very sharp scalpel.”

The Wailing

A mysterious sickness starts spreading through a small village in South Korea after a stranger arrives. In order to save his own daughter, a police officer decides to solve the mystery even if that means putting himself in danger.

Length: 2 hours, 36 mins

Watch this if you liked: The Void, Creep 2, They Look Like People

Memorable quote: “Not everything that moves, breathes, and talks is alive.”

The Witch

In 1630, a devout Christian family is torn apart. After their youngest son disappears into thin air, their crops begin to die and they begin to turn on each other.

Length: 1 hour, 32 mins

Watch this if you liked: Goodnight Mommy, Honeymoon, The Wailing

Memorable quote: “We will conquer this wilderness. It will not consume us.”

The Ritual

When a group of college friends reunite to take a trip through the forest, they end up getting stalked by an evil presence they cannot even begin to explain.

Length: 1 hour, 34 mins

Watch this if you liked: Ouija, 1922, A Dark Song

Memorable quote: “My old scoutmaster used to say ‘If the shortcut was a shortcut, it wouldn’t be called a shortcut, it would be called a route.”


A veterinary student, who has always been a strict vegetarian, is forced to eat meat during a hazing ritual. After the first taste, she begins to crave human flesh.

Length: 1 hour, 39 mins

Watch this if you liked: A Ghost Story, It Comes At Night, Thelma

Memorable quote: “I’m sure you’ll find a solution, honey.”

The Conjuring

When sinister things start happening at a Rhode Island farmhouse, paranormal investigators are brought in to help the family who is being terrorized by satanic hauntings.

Length: 1 hour, 52 mins

Watch this if you liked: Annabelle, Mama, Oculus

Memorable quote: “It scares us just thinking about it. When you hear it, you’re gonna think we’re insane.”


Based on the horror novel by Clive Barker, a woman discovers a hideous creature hiding upstairs. It is her husband’s brother — her former lover. He needs her help and asks her to bring him human sacrifices in order to complete his body.

Length: 1 hour, 34 mins

Watch this if you liked: Candyman, Pumpkinhead, The Return Of The Living Dead

Memorable quote: “The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits. Pain and pleasure, indivisible.”

Gerald’s Game

After being handcuffed to her bedframe as a way to spice things up with her husband, a woman is left all alone when he dies unexpectedly. Without him there to unlock her, she is forced to survive in cuffs.

Length: 1 hour, 43 mins

Watch this if you liked: Hereditary, The Ritual, Careful What You Wish For

Memorable quote: “People are safe from ghouls and ghosts and the living dead in the daylight. And they’re usually safe from them at night, if they’re with others. But a person alone in the dark… women alone in the dark are like open doors, Jessie, and if they scream for help, who knows what might answer.”

The Boy

A nanny shows up at her new place of work, only to discover she is meant to take after a doll instead of a child. However, after she breaks a few rules about caring for the doll and some bizarre things happen, she starts to wonder whether it is really alive.

Length: 1 hour, 37 mins

Watch this if you liked: The Forest, The Other Side Of The Door, Before I Wake

Memorable quote: “You wouldn’t hurt me, would you, Brahms?”

Children Of The Corn

This classic horror film is about a couple who ends up trapped in a town filled with a religious cult of children who believe anyone over eighteen deserves to die.

Length: 1 hour, 32 mins

Watch this if you liked: Cujo, Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street

Memorable quote: “Any religion without love and compassion is false! It’s a lie!”


Six strangers, who all come from extremely different backgrounds, wake up inside of a giant cube filled with thousands of rooms. They must combine their unique skills in order to find a way out of the maze filled with deadly traps.

Length: 1 hour, 30 mins

Watch this if you liked: Cypher, Exam, The Killing Room

Memorable quote: “No more talking. No more guessing. Don’t even think about nothing that’s not right in front of you. That’s the real challenge. You’ve gotta save yourselves from yourselves.”


A teenage girl plays Ouija in order to contact deceased family members. Instead of getting closure from the game, she ends up getting followed by a supernatural force and struggles to find a way to save everyone, including herself.

Length: 1 hour, 45 mins

Watch this if you liked: Insidious, Afflicted, Jigsaw

Memorable quote: “During eclipses, darkness reigned over light.”

The Invitation

After Will and Eden’s son suffers from a devastating tragedy, they get divorced. However, two years later she invites her ex-husband to a dinner party with her new husband. Except she seems like an entirely new person as well…

Length: 1 hour, 40 mins

Watch this if you liked: Creep, Hush, Green Room

Memorable quote: “It’s okay, I’m not offended. A lot of people think we’re crazy. But I doubt they’re as happy as we are.”

Cabin Fever

A group of college graduates rent a cabin in the woods. However, instead of having a lighthearted trip together like they intended, they come down with a flesh-eating virus.

Length: 1 hour, 33 mins

Watch this if you liked: The Ruins, Sleepaway Camp, Hatchet

Memorable quote: “I don’t want any of us getting sick, but you two fuckin’ fuckers insist on touching her, now she’s bleeding all over both you guys!”


A videographer stumbles upon a Craigslist ad for a one-day job recording the message of a dying man. The messages get darker and darker as the dying man goes on, making the videographer wonder whether he made a life-ending mistake accepting the job.

Length: 1 hour, 17 mins

Watch this if you liked: They Look Like People, The Sacrament, The Tunnel

Memorable quote: “I love wolves. because they love deeply, but they don’t know how to express it, and they’re often very violent and, quite frankly, murder the things that they love, and inside of the wolf is this beautiful heart. And yeah it’s misguided, and yeah occasionally it murders things.”

Train To Busan

When a zombie apocalypse begins in South Korea and the disease spreads, passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan must fight for survival.

Length: 1 hour, 58 mins

Watch this if you liked: Last Shift, It Comes At Night, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

Memorable quote: “Dad, you only care about yourself. That’s why mommy left.”

The Bar

When gunshots go off in downtown Madrid, a group of people rush to a local bar. Inside, the patrons turn on each other, paranoid the shooter is hidden in the same room.

Length: 1 hour, 42 mins

Watch this if you liked: Game Night, Okja, Contratiempo

Memorable quote: “I don’t like being threatened.”

Murder Party

This hilarious horror movie is about a man who thinks he is attending a Halloween party, which is really a trap set by deranged artists who want to murder him in the name of their art.

Length: 1 hour, 19 mins

Watch this if you liked: Terrorvision, Bug, Tomie

Memorable quote: “Fuck this whole scene… Everybody dies!”


A deaf writer decides to make a home in the woods so she can remain tucked away from society, in isolation. But when a masked killer appears at her window, she must fight to survive.

Length: 1 hour, 21 mins

Watch this if you liked: Don’t Breathe, Lights Out, Would You Rather

Memorable quote: “I can come in anytime I want. And I can get you, anytime I want. But I’m not going to. Not until it’s time. When you wish you’re dead… that’s when I’ll come inside.”


A photographer and his girlfriend realize there are weird shadows in photographs they have taken at the scene of an accident. When they look further into the phenomenon, they realize they are not the only ones being haunted.

Length: 1 hour, 37 mins

Watch this if you liked: Dark Water, Stay Alive, The Grudge

Memorable quote: “Sometimes… spirits long for their loved ones.” TC mark

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