Stay Single Because It’s Better Than Chasing Someone

Stay Single Because It's Better Than Chasing Someone
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Stay single because it’s better than taking the time to text someone when you know the chances are slim you are going to get a response. It’s better than wasting an hour of your day snapping the perfect photo for Instagram in the hopes they will see it and like it because that’s probably the most interaction you are going to get with them.

Stay single because it’s better than staring at your texts and messenger and DMs, wondering whether they are going to answer you back. It’s better than checking to see the last time they were online or the last time they added to their story because you aren’t sure whether they have been too busy to check their phone or have just been ignoring you.

Stay single because it’s better than dressing up because you might run into someone you desperately want to impress. It’s better than hoping the stars align and you get to have a face-to-face conversation because scheduling a day to hang out with them is out of the question since they never agree to plans.

Stay single because it’s better than wondering whether you are getting somewhere or are only getting strung along. It’s better than replaying every emotion in your head over and over again in search of a sign they feel the same way about you.

Stay single because it’s better than repeatedly forgiving someone for ghosting you and then randomly reappearing in your world again. It’s better than giving them another set of second chances every other day because they keep making the same hurtful mistakes.

Stay single because it’s better than feeling like you are in charge of keeping the relationship afloat. It’s better than feeling forced to send the first text and come up with interested topics of conversation because if you do not do those things, nobody will.

Stay single because it’s better than gushing to your friends about someone who rarely thinks about you. It’s better than investing in a relationship that is never going to go anywhere because you are on two completely separate pages.

Stay single because it’s better than being a backup plan. It’s better than getting drunken texts in the middle of the night because the only time this person thinks about you is when they are lonely and bored.

Stay single because it’s better than falling into a one-sided love. It’s better than giving everything you have to someone who does not notice how hard you have been trying — or worse, notices but does not even care.

Stay single because it’s better than lowering your standards in order to make room in your world for someone who doesn’t even deserve you. It’s better than tricking yourself into believing you have found the right person when they are clearly wrong for you.

Stay single because it’s better than chasing after someone who is never going to give you the same amount of attention, care, and respect you have given them. It’s better than eternally running after someone who does not want to be caught. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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