Single Girls Hate Getting These 8 Texts

Single Girls Hate Getting These 10 Texts
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1. “We should hang out sometime.”

If you want to take her on a date, use the word date. If you ask her to hang out without clarifying what you mean, then she is going to spend hours trying to figure out whether you want to be more than a friend. To make sure you are on the same page, be blunt with her from the beginning. Your honesty will be a turn-on for her.

2. “I’ll let you know.”

If she asks you when you’re free to see her, do not give a vague answer like this and then text her later in the week, asking to hang out at the last second. The reason she is asking about your schedule in advance is because she wants to know ahead of time. She wants to know when to expect you. She wants time to get ready. She doesn’t want a last minute invite over.

3. “What’s up?”

When you start a conversation like this, you are forcing her to come up with a conversation starter. Even though she will appreciate you sending the first text, it will be easier for her to talk to you if you think of a topic ahead of time. That way, the responsibility doesn’t fall on her.

4. “Calm down.”

This is the equivalent of saying she has been acting crazy or accusing her of being on her period. It makes her feel like you are asking her to stop expressing her emotions. But she is allowed to be emotional. You should be happy she trusts you enough to have an honest conversation with you. If she did not like you or did not trust you, then she would keep her guard high. It’s a good sign when she opens up to you — so do not make her regret it.

5. “I miss you.”

This text only works if you immediately make plans to see her. If you claim you miss her after weeks of ghosting her and then claim you are too busy to make plans with her, she is not going to believe you. After all, if you really missed her, then you would make room for her in your life.

6. “You’re hot.”

If this compliment is mixed in with others, she’ll be happy. But if you only talk about her body and how attractive she is and how you think she’s the sexiest woman alive, she is going to assume you only want one thing from her.

7. “You up?”

Unless she is also interested in a booty call, she is not going to be thrilled about you texting at the last second (when you’re most probably drunk) in order to hook up with her. When you start the conversation like this, it’s pretty obvious what you want.

8. “I’m not ready for a relationship right now.”

This text means she wasted her time. If you were looking for something casual and knew she was looking for a serious relationship, then you should have told her earlier, before she started developing feelings for you. You shouldn’t have let her get attached. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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